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  • What is RuneScape Gold Swapping?
  • RuneScape Gold Swapping is the process of exchanging RS Gold for one version of the game to the other. The two versions of RuneScape are RuneScape 3 and Old School RuneScape 2007, but they are also commonly known as RS3 and OSRS.

    As both versions of the RuneScape game are massively popular, with over 100,000 active players online at any moment, gamers often flick between the two versions to get the best of both worlds. However, it's not always easy to start afresh on a new game. Therefore, gamers tend to exchange/swap some or all of their existing version's gold to assist them with starting their next RuneScape adventure.

    Consequently, ourselves at Buy RuneScape Gold offer the facility to swap RuneScape gold between RS3 and OSRS at the cost of a small in-game fee. We factor this fee into the amount of RuneScape GP we will offer in return for your RS3 / OSRS Gold. There is no real-life monetary swapping of cash.

  • How Do I Swap RuneScape Gold?
  • RuneScape Gold swap is an easy and simple process. It involves two single transactions on both versions of the game.

    Firstly, please complete the form above so we know the quantity of RS Gold you're swapping and for which version. Afterwards, we will meet you in-game to trade over your unwanted RuneScape 3 Gold or Old School RuneScape Gold to our character. Once this transaction is complete, we will both log into your newly chosen version of RuneScape and then trade over the agreed amount of RS3 Gold or OSRS Gold to your character. Thus, completing the RS Gold swap transaction!

    Example: We meet you in RuneScape 3, you trade us 100M RS3 Gold. Then, we meet you in Old School RuneScape and we trade you 15M OSRS Gold.

  • What Are Your RuneScape Gold Swapping Rates?
  • Buy RuneScape Gold offers the best RuneScape swapping rates on the market. Due to our economies of scale, we buy, sell and swap RuneScape gold on a daily basis in large quantities. Therefore, we're able to guarantee that the RS swapping rates on our website cannot be beaten elsewhere.

    If you wish to see how much RSGP we can offer you for your RS3 Gold or RuneScape 2007 Gold, simply use our swapping calculator above by inputting your version of RuneScape and the quantity of RS money you have to trade.

    In real-time, our calculator will show you the exact amount of RuneScape coins we can give back to you in exchange for your unwanted gold with no further fees included.

  • Do You Swap RS3 Gold to OSRS Gold?
  • Yes! We swap RS3 Gold to OSRS Gold on a daily basis. We understand that some RS3 players would like a tougher challenge, or would like to experience that nostalgic feeling that they once got when they played the RuneScape game in 2007. Therefore, we offer the best RS3 to OSRS Gold swapping rates.

    To see how much OSRS GP you can receive for your unwanted RS 3 Gold, please use the RuneScape Gold swap calculator above.

  • Do You Swap OSRS Gold to RS3 Gold?
  • Yes! We swap OSRS to RS3 Gold on a daily basis too! OSRS Gold swap is in fact our most popular form of RS gold swapping due to the higher value that OSRS Gold possesses. RuneScape players tend to farm RuneScape gold on Old School RuneScape and then swap it to RuneScape 3 gold via our swapping services. 

    If you wish to see what value your Old School RuneScape gold is worth on RuneScape 3, please use our swapping calculator above for the best OSRS to RS3 Gold swapping rates.

  • RuneScape Gold Swap Service
  • Are you tired of playing RuneScape and you'd like a new but familiar challenge? Then, changing the version of RuneScape that you play could be the breath of fresh air that you need!

    We all know that starting again on RuneScape is no easy feat. Therefore, why not swap some of your existing RuneScape Gold for the newer version of RuneScape that you'd like to play? There is a small fee involved in using our RuneScape Gold Swap Service (as you can see from our calculator above), but it is well worth the time that you will save in trying to increase your RuneScape 3 / Old School RuneScape wealth again.