Sell RuneScape Gold

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Sell RuneScape Gold to us for real-life money by firstly selecting which version of RuneScape your gold belongs to - Sell RS3 Gold here or Sell OSRS Gold here.

Depending on your quantity of RuneScape gold for sale, we will offer you a price in real-time on the next stage. If you’re happy with the price that we offer for your unwanted RS Gold, then you will be prompted to input your details and payment address of where the funds will be sent to upon delivery of your RSGP.

Upon confirmation of your sell RS Gold request, an email will be sent to us and a live chat automatically initiated with our RuneScape Gold selling team. They will co-operate with you to meet in-game and trade the RS3 Gold / OSRS Gold over.

Immediately after the RuneScape 3 Gold or RuneScape 2007 Gold trade being complete, we will instantly disburse the agreed funds to your PayPal account via the ‘friends and family’ option so you don’t incur any unnecessary payment processing fees!