Which is the Best RuneScape Bot and How Does it Work?

In RuneScape, a bot is a computer controlled player used to achieve something specific in the game, mostly the easier tasks that players don’t want to dedicate time to completing. For example, bots can be used to raise skill levels or make RSGP. You may also hear a bot referred to as an auto or macro, as bots are often referred to by other names. For the most part, bots in RuneScape are typically categorized into one of two different groups. They are the Skillers and the Killers. As you can tell from the names, that is because bots are used primarily for working on skills or for killing monsters. Some of the specific tasks for bots also include RuneScape gold farming, completing quests or collecting resources such as wood, ore or energy. While bots can seem really useful when playing the game, using bots within RuneScape is typically frowned upon, especially by the most skilled and dedicated players who actually invest their own personal time. These players view the usage of bots as cheating, especially if they themselves have put in a lot of work into the game performing the tasks that other gamers use bots to complete.

The appeal to using bots in RuneScape is that they often can accomplish tasks much faster and more efficiently than humans can by actually playing the game. Bots can be programmed to perform nearly any task in RuneScape. They are most often used for completing tasks that are too mundane for players to work on in the game themselves. The skills RuneScape bots are most often used for include collecting a certain item, quickly typing something (for advertising certain services) or training for a particular skill.

To make proper use of a bot, a macro tool needs to be used to control the game by giving it the appropriate inputs. This means that the bot needs to be able to interpret and plan its next action much the same way that a player would when playing RuneScape. In most cases, the bot is either reflection-coded or colour-coded.

Jagex has implemented updates in the past that have significantly decreased the number of bots being used in the game. There is also a continuous discussion that surrounds how the use of bots impacts the economy in RuneScape. Some gamers, probably those who like to use bots, will argue that the usage of bots prove beneficial for the game because they perform tasks that no one really wants to work on in the game. However, the majority of RuneScape players would argue the opposite of this and say that bots sell a lot of resources in the game which makes the overall price of those resources drop, having a detrimental effect on the overall economy of the game. Users who are playing without the aid of bots are negatively impacted because they are working to make the RS money to buy items with. Therefore, they are dedicating more time to the game to earn their RuneScape Coins and sell their items but this can be undercut by other players using bots that are doing the same action.

Using bots might seem really appealing when playing RuneScape, primarily because they take away many of the mundane tasks that you probably don’t want to spend time working on in the game. However, the use of bots is very much frowned upon by gamers and by Jagex, mostly because it takes something away from the players that do not use them. If you are a player that dedicates your time to personally completing all of those rather tedious, but ultimately necessary tasks, you might think that using bots should be considered cheating.

It must be stated that using RuneScape bots is not easy, nor without its punishments from Jagex. If you are caught by Jagex for using macros or bots, you will receive a permanent ban which means you will no longer be able to use your account at all and cannot appeal this ban. So, for those asking "Can I get banned for using a RuneScape bot?", the short answer is yes. Jagex used to be more lenient when it came to bots as most of these were paid members which meant money in the pocket of Jagex as a company. However, since the infamous "nuke day", thousands of bots were banned and a dedicated Jagex employee was assigned to tackling botting and it seems to have worked.

People who now want to cheat on RuneScape and bot have to jump through loops in order to use bots. Consequently, bot farms are now much tougher to run. People who want to create a RuneScape bot farm will now have to invest in a VPN and multiple IP Addresses. This is so that if one of your bots is caught, that there isn't a chain banning to all your other RuneScape accounts on the same IP Address. As you can imagine, VPN's and additional IP Addresses cost money. That combined with having to buy RuneScape membership to run the best RuneScape botting scripts makes the proposition of creating a RS botting farm less attractive. Additionally, running multiple bots on your PC or laptop is undoubtedly hurting the longevity of your device's life cycle.

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