What Jagex does to Remove RS Gold from the RuneScape Economy

The RuneScape economy functions similarly to the real-life economy in several ways. In order to combat the inflation that is inevitable, Jagex has created money, or gold, sinks. They do this through a variety of different ways. A sink is a method used by Jagex to remove money and items from the RuneScape system in order to prevent inflation, and subsequently keep items at a price that is consistently moderate. There are a number of ways that RuneScape players get raw materials, such as through fishing, mining and woodcutting. These activities then create consistent amounts of money that flow into the RuneScape economy each and every day. Money sinks are just a way for Jagex to keep the money that is being generated in the economy from creating inflation that is not necessary and is not wanted.

There are essentially two different types of sinks created and used by Jagex. One is an item sink and the other is a money sink. Money sinks serve to remove coins from the game while item sinks remove items. Money sinks were intended to work much better than they actually do. There are a number of examples of money sinks in the RuneScape game. To start, bonds are used as a sink by requiring that money be converted to tradeable items. Another example is that players have to pay a “reclaim fee” to death. Certain pieces of armour are also required to be repaired regularly. This is used as a functional money sink as well. Some pieces of armour that degrade pretty regularly and therefore require upkeep include Nex armours, Chaotic equipment and Barrows armour. Not only do these pieces require pretty regular maintenance but they also take a decent amount of money to repair as well.

There are also several item sinks at play in RuneScape. For example, the skill invention is often used as an item sink since a large part of the skill involves taking apart items into various parts that are used in the skill. Vis wax is another example of an item sink since it requires a big number of runes. Lastly, there are a number of rechargeable weapons that are used as item sinks since they consume something. These include staff of darkness, strykebow, hydrix, lava whip, and polypore staff.

There is a pretty constant inflation in the RuneScape economy which substantiates how ineffective the money sinks are in the game. Players often also think of money sink skills as being a waste of their time or otherwise unrewarding for the time being spent on them. Additionally, many updates put in place by Jagex have reversed some of the methods they had put in place in the past, which basically means that they have done a lot of work to simply reverse much of the work they had done previously. Many of the methods of money sinks are also very unpopular with RuneScape gamers or are only available to players at a higher level or to paying members rather than the gamers that take advantage of the free gameplay option.

There is also a very innovative and unique way that Jagex uses their sinks. This is most evidenced through the Well of Goodwil, a well-known item sink, which is found outside of the main entrance to the Grand Exchange. Here, any tradeable items, money, or bonds can be donated. Those donations are given to real-life charities chosen by Jagex. So the well functions as a sink to keep the RuneScape economy going strong but it also serves a greater purpose which can often make players feel better about the process, since they are choosing what to forfeit and what to give to the charity. Prior to November of 2013, ever 10,000,000 coins donated equaled $1 donated to charity. After November of 2013, that same number of coins would mean $2 was donated. And for every bond that is donated at the Well of Goodwill, $4.70 is donated to charity. For those gamers that choose to donate, they don’t just receive the feeling of contributing to the greater good. Rather, there are 5 titles that can be awarded to gamers who donate amounts of coins or items to the Well of Goodwill. The five titles are the Wishful, the Generous, the Millionaire, the Charitable, and the Billionaire. Donations do carry over across opening periods which means that titles can be earned over time as the player continues to donate. There have been a total of five openings, which essentially means that there have been 5 separate periods of time where players could donate to the Well of Goodwill. And there were a variety of different charities that received donations through Jagex. Some of those charities include Hart, SpecialEffect, Willow, Action For Kids, and several others.

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