What is RuneScape Gold and What Can I Spend it on?

In RuneScape, gold is the most common form of currency used. During gameplay, RuneScape coins appear as small gold pieces. They are stackable and are of various shapes. Players refer to coins using many different terms including gold pieces (GP), cash, money, or gold.

One thousand coins is typically just referred to as 1k. Likewise, one million coins are referred to as 1Mill or 1M and a billion coins are referred to as 1Bill or 1B. When playing RuneScape, a stack of RS gold has small text on the upper-left hand of the stack. When you acquire more RuneScape coins and your stack gets larger, the stack’s text and colours both change, dependent upon the amount of RuneScape GP in the stack. A stack of coins that has an 'M' or a 'K' associated with it will always be rounded down to the closest multiplier. The point of this feature is so that players are protected when receiving RS Money during trades. For example, if you are trading with another player for 15M, you want to make sure that you aren’t receiving 14.5M just rounded up.

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There is a maximum number of RuneScape coins that you are allowed to have in RuneScape, purely because of the data usage. The limit is 2,147,483,647. You can store your RuneScape Gold in a variety of places including inventory, money pouch, Treasure chest, Kingdom of Miscellania, Mahogany prize chest, and in the bank. Players who have more RS coins than the allowed limit of 2.14B have a couple of options when it comes to their excess gold. Most players choose to invest in spirit shards, or other discontinued items. Spirit shards are worth 25 coins each and they can be sold for that set amount to the pet store in Yanille. So, their value can never be manipulated by users of the grand exchange and you are guaranteed to get your RS Money back when you choose to sell them back to the pet store.

RuneScape money is necessary in the game and there are ways for players to make RuneScape gold. There are specific skills within the RuneScape community that have proven to be very popular with gamers because of their potential for profit-making. And with most skills, there are multiple ways to make that profit.

There are a lot of things you can spend your RuneScape gold on but some investments are better than others. Some items really hold their value and can even increase over time. One of the best investments you can make is in a solid weapon. You need a good weapon to kill monsters or players with so investing in one is a sound decision. You want to make sure that the weapon you purchase meets your skills and your individual level. For example, abyssal whips are known to be really excellent weapons for fighting but require a skill level of 70 attack to wield it. Armour is another good choice when it comes to deciding what to purchase with your RuneScape gold. It is well known that the best armours are Dragon and Barrows for Old School RuneScape and alternatively Malevolent for RuneScape 3 (if you're choosing to melee fight). You can also purchase a number of discontinued items with your RuneScape gold. Some holiday items, for example, are very valuable including Halloween masks, crackers, partyhats, and Santa hats.

If you're more of a skiller than a fighter however, there are still many options for you to look at when spending your well-earned RuneScape 3 Gold or OSRS Gold. That is to buy the best resource collecting tools such as a dragon hatchet and pickaxe. This will allow you to level your woodcutting and mining skills respectively faster. Additionally, it will also allow you to collect resources faster to then sell on the Grand Exchange or to other players to recuperate your sound investment in a tool.

If you have already maxed your gathering skills, then you could buy the raw materials directly from the grand exchange to then power level your artisan skills to the max level of 99 or 120. This will award you with a skill cape and respect from other players!

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