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    If you find that you have a good amount of unwanted RuneScape gold, you might find that you need to decide if you want to sell some of that RS gold and earn real cash for it. You could also decide to gold swap between versions of RuneScape. Either way, there are plenty of options for you. The challenge is deciding what option is right for you.

    For those unfamiliar with gold-swapping, it is a pretty straightforward and common action in RuneScape. It basically means that you can swap gold from one version of RuneScape to another. So, if you want to swap RS3 Gold for OSRS gold you can. And alternatively, you could swap OSRS gold for RS3 Gold as well. What is noteworthy about the process is that Jagex does not provide it themselves. Instead, you must use a third-party vendor. Each vendor will provide you with a quote on their exchange rate from one version of gold to the other. This is a pretty common number for most vendors, as they all are trying to make at least some kind of small profit on the service. You will find that there are a lot of websites that market gold swapping but in fact very few of them can be trusted. Many of these websites are veiled scams used to get your RuneScape log-in information. This is one way to know if you are being scammed. If the website you are using tells you that you must give them your RuneScape log-in credentials, they could be trying to steal your information. If this ever happens, you know that there is a chance you are being scammed. Once they have your log-in credentials they can go into your game and steal your RSGold and any other valuables you might have. We offer the gold swapping service but will never ask you for that information. Instead, our process is a trusted method for gold swapping and we have been supported by plenty of Twitch users as well as other RuneScape players who have used our service.

    Likewise, we offer a service to buy your gold in exchange for real-life money. This is another option available to you if you find that you no longer need or want your excess RuneScape gold. Maybe you’ve decided to no longer play the game or perhaps you just have an excess of RS Gold that you no longer need and would prefer to have the cash. In either event, we provide a reputable service for delivering cash to you in exchange for your unwanted RS Gold.

    Whether you are looking to sell your RS gold for real-life money or you just want to swap your OSRS Gold, you can trust that we will provide you the best service on the market. Our customer service is unrivaled and our rates are the best you will find. In addition, we provide a transaction that is safe, meaning that it is unsuspecting to Jagex. So, if you do still want to continue playing RuneScape, you are not running the risk of being banned when you use our service as all of our transactions are safe.

    One last consideration when it comes to gold swapping or selling your RS gold, is deciding which method is the most cost effective for you. You could always choose to sell your OSRS or RS 3 gold and then buy it back on the other version of the game. The other option is to just simply use our swapping service. Of course it may cost you more up-front with the swapping service but in reality you also would save more time and money and would not be subject to the payment processing fees that you see with Paypal or Skrill.

  • Learn How to Sell OSRS Gold for Real-Life Money!

    If you are in the market for selling Old School RuneScape Gold, you will quickly find that there are a lot of sites out there looking to buy your gold. Finding a site to buy your OSRS gold won’t be difficult but finding one that you can trust might prove more of a challenge. With so many sites out there looking to buy your OSRS gold, it can be really important to learn how to pick one that is reputable and will provide the service you need. Each website you come across will offer an exchange rate for both RS3 Gold as well as OSRS Gold. However, there are quite a few scam websites out there and you need to be on the lookout for them when you are trying to sell your RuneScape gold.

    We offer not only the best service to our customers but also the best rates of any site. You won’t find an easier vendor with which you could do business. We care about the safety of all of our transactions and we make the process as convenient as possible for our customers. You can trust the team for all of your RuneScape gold needs. The BuyRuneScapeGold team is comprised of 20 customer service agents who have all undergone extensive training to ensure that we are always providing the very highest degree of customer service to any gamer who comes to us looking to sell their OSRS Gold.

    The process for selling your OSRS gold to BuyRuneScapeGold could not be simpler. You just open up the live chat window which is located in the bottom right corner of our website. There, you will get to speak directly with an agent in just 30 seconds time or less. We care about the time you are spending on this process and we make sure that we get to your questions as soon as possible. There, an agent will be able to appraise your RuneScape 2007 gold to see how much it is worth. The whole process from start to finish will only take a few minutes. Once you start the chat and learn what your gold is worth, we will give you a convenient location which you can access whether you are an F2P player or P2P player. Then, once you have traded with us in the game, we will request your PayPal email. However, we also offer payment through a variety of other means including bank wire, western union, and bitcoins. We can even trade in currency other than USD when transferring in PayPal. If any of these options is more appealing to you, you should let us know before you trade with us in the game.

    In terms of how much you can trade with us, we accept any gold value that is at least worth $1. Most often, this mean 1 million in 07 or 3million in RS3. We can also accept trades that exceed the 1B mark in RS3 and OSRS.

    It can seem really challenging to find a vendor with which you trust doing business when it comes to selling OSRS gold. That can be understood given all of the potential scams that are on the internet. You do not want to waste your time and money only to have it taken from you. We understand that, which is why we strive to provide the very best service possible. We are the biggest RSGP marketplace in the world and are often mentioned by Twitch streamers for our impeccable service. We have even been rated “most trusted” within the community of RuneScape trading. We are always available to you and look forward to serving your RuneScape needs.

  • Is RuneScape 2007 Gold Different to RS 3 Gold?

    If you are a RuneScape gamer, you know how important it is to have RS gold reserves. Nearly everything in the game requires the use of gold, or can at least be supported by RS gold, including how fast and efficiently you move through the game. You can purchase gear, level up quicker in skills, and buy discontinued or other valuable items. All of those actions are driven primarily through the use of RS gold. So, you always want to make sure that you have an adequate supply of the in-game currency at your fingertips. That said, there really is no way to interchange RS gold between RuneScape 3 and Old School RuneScape within the game itself. It just is not an action that is provided. However, there are other methods to swap out your gold from one version to the other.

    RuneScape 2007, or Old School Runescape, and RuneScape 3 each have their separate economies. This essentially means that the games cannot swap gold between each other. The RS gold in each game is worth an amount in real life money, which is why it is possible to buy RS gold outside of the game. So, if you want to swap your gold from one version of the game to another, it is possible but you need to use an outside source. The best one to use is With this website, you can swap your gold between the two versions of the game for a very small fee. Aside from the best rates possible, also offers a number of services, including impeccable customer service that you just cannot find with other service providers. So, you have two options when you want gold in a different version of the game. You can either sell your gold for real-life money and then purchase in the other version of the game or you can swap it out for a small fee.

    If you are planning on playing the other version of the game, or the game to which you want to swap your RS gold, it is advised that you just swap out your gold as opposed to purchasing RS3 gold. It is far less time consuming, especially when you use a provider like who makes it such a simple process. In addition, you can avoid payment processing fees for sending and receiving money through services like PayPal. When you swap out gold, you simply use our service at a small fee to convert one version of the game’s gold to the version used in the other game. So, you meet up with us in the version of the game where you want to give up your gold and once that transaction is completed, you exit and go into the other version of the game. There, we swap out your original gold for the new version of RS gold. All of this is done right in the game where you can see it all taking place and it is done for a very small fee.

    One thing to always keep in mind when debating on the use of RS Gold in different versions of the game is that OSRS gold has a higher real-life value than RS3 Gold. This is simply because the Old School RuneScape is a harder game to play because of its lower item levels and higher monster levels. There is also no evolution of the combat system that RuneScape 3 has in its gameplay. For those reasons, the game is harder to play and the gold has a higher value in real-life. To give a comparison, OSRS value per million is about $1.25 whereas the value per million for RuneScape 3 is more like $0.25. This is something to keep in mind when swapping RuneScape gold.

    The best provider for swapping gold or even for buying or selling RS gold is simply because you run no risk of being scammed and you can rest assured that you are getting both the best rates in selling as well as the best rates in buying. There is no other comparison on the internet right now. And you can be guaranteed to be met with the highest level of professionalism when working with us.

  • Which is the Best Website to Sell RuneScape Gold to?

    You know as a RuneScape player how important RuneScape gold is to the advancement of your gameplay. RuneScape gold allows you to purchase necessary goods and gear. It can help you turn a profit on discontinued or coveted items. And it can help you level up in a number of different skills. It is the in-game currency of RuneScape, and as such, it has a huge bearing on your success in the game. There are a number of reasons why you might be looking to sell RuneScape gold. You could be quitting the game and have RS gold leftover for which you no longer have any use. You could simply want to try a different version of the game and are looking to swap your existing gold to another platform or you could just want or need the money for your unwanted RuneScape coins. Either way, there are a number of gamers who are always looking to sell off their gold or swap it to be used in a different versions of the game.

    If you are one of those gamers looking to sell RS Gold, you will quickly find that there are several websites out there that are willing to take your gold off your hands. Choosing one to use is the trickier part. Each website will offer a specific rate for Old School RuneScape Gold and another rate for RuneScape 3 Gold. The tricky part comes in choosing the best vendor to use. While there are several options available, not all sites are reputable and not all of them live up to the services they claim to be able to provide. Many sites are masks for scammers who are only interested in accessing your account to steal your valuables and gold from you. One telltale way of differentiating the scammers from the reputable sites is by looking at what they ask you to provide to them. If you are ever asked to enter your log-in credentials into a site or they request personal identification, then they are more than likely looking to scam you. By you entering your RuneScape log-in information into a foreign site, they will then be able to access your account unbeknownst to you and steal your valuable items and RuneScape GP.

    If you are looking for a reputable site with fair exchange rates, consider using our site which will never scam you. That is not the only perk to using our site, however. We not only offer the best rates, but your transaction is kept safe as well. We use a system that cannot be seen by Jagex which means that you do not run the risk of being banned from playing RuneScape in the future. We offer unprecedented customer service and are always available to answer any questions or concerns. Our top priority is keeping the customer satisfied and we believe that we offer a service that is unrivaled when it comes to the competition. With so many websites out there looking to scam you for your gold or other RuneScape valuables, you are better off using our site where you run no risk of being scammed and where we deliver on the promises we make. Buy, Sell or Swap RuneScape Gold to us and you will not be disappointed.

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