• Free RuneScape Membership Available with Twitch/Amazon Prime

    RuneScape was recently hosting a promotion in partnership with Twitch Prime, a service affiliated with Amazon Prime. Up until the 8th of May, Twitch Prime members were eligible for a wide range of perks in RuneScape. Twitch Prime, if you don’t know or aren’t a current member, is a new experience on Twitch that is included in your Amazon Prime membership. Its many features and benefits include ad-free viewing on Twitch, a channel subscription every 30 days and bonus loot in some of your favourite games. RuneScape itself has an official Twitch Channel as well as community streamers. For additional information on RuneScape, you can watch the channel and get all kinds of information about the game. And if you aren’t an existing Twitch Prime member, you could look for information about a potential free trial at

    With this promotion, if you were already a Twitch Prime member, you could have enjoyed one full month of RuneScape membership for free. In addition to the free membership, you would have received other gaming features as well including a total of 15 Treasure Hunter Keys and 200 RuneCoins to be used in the cosmetics shop. Along with the promotion also come an exclusive ‘Prime Colossus’ legendary pet to go along with you on your journey as well as access to the Old School RuneScape, a version of RuneScape that is perfect for old school style gamers. The additional features, outside of the one month free membership would not have worked in the Old School RuneScape version or with Ironman or Hardcore Ironman accounts of the game. However, you still would have been able to experience the game for free for one month. The other features of the promotion were available in RuneScape 3. The total value of the promotion package was $39.46.

    In order to take part in the promotion, it was not even required that you were a RuneScape member already. You could have been brand new to the game and just hoping to get a taste of what it was like to play. With the promotion, you just needed to get a RuneScape account and create a display name. Once you had a display name, you could redeem your code and start playing. And you were also eligible for the promotion if you did already have a RuneScape membership. With this option, you just needed to make sure that you had your code from Twitch Prime ready to go and then you simply logged into the billing section of the site and input your code to redeem your free month membership as well as the other perks associated with the promotion. All extras were directly redeemable to your account once you were logged in and entered your code.

    This promotion between Twitch Prime and RuneScape ran from April 11th to May 8th. If you want more information on Twitch Prime, you should visit where you can also check information on securing a free membership along with your Amazon Prime membership. With Amazon Prime, members in the United States receive 20% off new release box games and have access to thousands of movies and TV shows for free with their membership. Members can also access ad-free music and unlimited free two-day shipping on Prime eligible items on Amazon. There are even some options for free same-day shipping depending on your location in the US. There are different Amazon Prime benefits depending on your location in the world including benefits for those using the service in Canada, United States, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Austria.

  • Free RuneScape GP Making Guide for Beginners

    If you are a beginning RuneScape player, you probably want to know the best and most reliable methods for making RuneScape gold. This is a pretty common theme given how important the in-game currency can be to gameplay and success in the game. There are a few different ways to make money in RuneScape and each player can decide their preference for themselves. It is important, however, to know the best method for you and your gameplay. Overall, it is important to remember that the rate at which you earn RuneScape money depends on a couple of factors including your levels, your personal preference, and your gear. So, the better you are doing overall in the game, the quicker you can build up your reserves of RuneScape gold.

    It is important to remember that many of the areas where you can make RuneScape money limit access based on levels. Likewise, there are some monsters that you cannot kill unless you have certain levels. This means that the better your gear the more able you are to earn RuneScape money through killing. The two main categories for making RuneScape money are killing and skilling. So, you can either earn through killing monsters of you can skill your way to RuneScape GP.

    There are a couple of specific examples that can be used to demonstrate how you can make money in RuneScape through either killing or skilling. Let’s take the mini-game of Barrows to start as an illustration of killing. This high-level game includes fighting off 6 brothers and then looting the chest in hopes of scoring some of their armour. With this mini-game, you should make sure that you are at least a 70 in each of your preferred skills. For this undertaking, Magic is probably the best option since 4 out of the 6 brothers have a weakness for elemental magic. You could, however, also consider using range or melee as well. You want to make sure that you also take 3 or 4 prayer potions and plenty of food. If you are playing in Old School RuneScape you also need to have a shovel with you. That isn’t the case if you are playing RuneScape 3.

    For a skilling option, you may choose to make potions through the Herblore skill. For this, you start by buying either grimy or clean herbs. Grimy herbs will eventually produce higher profits for you. However, they also take longer to make potions with than clean herbs. With this RuneScape money-making method, you can set a bank that you will have 14 vials of water and 14 herbs. You combine them to make unfinished potions, almost all of which will make you a profit. Afterwards, you can add the final ingredient such as a crushed nest to make a saradomin brew. The most profitable method currently is to make Fellstalk potions which requires 91 herblore.

    However you decide to make money in RuneScape, it is important to keep in mind that most methods, whether skilling or killing, will have some prerequisite requirements before undertaking. You need a certain skill level for many things so you have to be enough to build that up before you go on a hunt for more RuneScape coins. For example, if you plan to hunt and kill Araxxi, it is recommended that you have a 138 in combat, 96 each in summoning and herblore, a 95 in prayer, 90 in crafting and a 92 in agility. Likewise, if you want to earn RuneScape gold through means other than combat, you also need certain skill levels. For example, if you want to craft nature runes it is recommended you have a 44 in Runecrafting, and have completed the abbys mini-quest.

    Regardless of your preference on skilling or killing to make RuneScape gold, it is important to keep in mind that earning RuneScape money is part of the overall game and it can take some time to build up your reserves and get the resources and items you want. Once you have the gear and skill level, earning RuneScape gold will come easier to you. At the beginning, you have to pay your dues and slowly work your way through the game, earning RuneScape gold when you can and being smart about what you do with it to ensure that when you have the opportunity to earn more, you have the right resources and items needed to secure additional RS coins.

  • Are There Any RuneScape Hacks for Free RS Gold?

    If you are new to RuneScape, or even if you have been playing the game for some time now, you might be tempted to look for quick ways to score some Free RS gold. You want to build up your reserves or you might have your eye on an item that you want to purchase. RuneScape gold is an integral part of the game and can really impact your capabilities while playing. That said, many RuneScape gamers look for ways to make free RuneScape Gold. However, it is important to know the risks you are taking by seeking out RuneScape hacks and shortcuts.

    In short, RuneScape hacks don’t actually exist, at least not in the way that you might think. Of course, there are a lot of websites out there marketing the idea that they can get you hacks to get free RuneScape gold. The problem with these sites is that they are scams. There truly is no way to get free RuneScape gold through hacking. There are no glitches in the game that allow you to get free RuneScape coins. If you visit one of the hacking websites that promises free RuneScape gold, you will find one thing they all have in common. They all require that you enter your log-in credentials in order to 'download the software that allows you to glitch/duplicate items'. They operate this way because when you enter your log-in information, the hacker receives them via email and are able to log into your account and steal your valuable items, gold and even account if you haven't set your recovery details.

    In terms of security prevention, Jagex requests that all RuneScape players use the Google two-factor authenticator because even if a hacker knows your login credentials, that they can't gain access to your RuneScape account unless they enter the authentication code that's been assigned to your mobile or tablet device. Something they cannot gain access to.

    In addition to the fact that you could be putting your valuables and your RS Money at risk, you are also running the risk of getting banned from playing the game altogether because hacking is unacceptable in RuneScape. By breaking the rules, you run the risk of not being able to play RuneScape again in the future. Some websites require that you enter your log-in information right away while others require you to download their software onto your computer. When you access the software, you are actually downloading a key-logger. The way a key-logger works is that once installed, it records all your keyboard input. Thus, when you load the RuneScape client, type your username and password, that it records these keystrokes and sends them to the owner of the key-logger. When they receive these details they again log into your account and steal your hard-earned valuable RuneScape items.

    Not only is there no way to score free RuneScape gold through hacking but it also seems worth reminding gamers that there really is no such thing as 'free RuneScape gold' in the first place. This is because RS gold is a commodity in demand by other people who are willing to pay real-life money for it. Consequently, it does hold real-world value and as a result, nobody is going to give away something of value for free. Instead, people visit websites like our own to sell RuneScape gold for real-life money.

    If you do find that your account has been hacked in some way, whether through one of these websites that promises a hack to get your free RuneScape gold, or through other means, you should report it to Jagex immediately to see if you can get the problem resolved. You do not want to get yourself banned from the game just because you were hoping to get more RuneScape gold.

    Instead, if you're looking for a safe way to acquire RuneScape Gold faster than investing hours upon hours of time into the game, you always have the option of buying cheap RuneScape gold. Our website is known as the go-to website to purchase legit RuneScape Gold securely via PayPal or credit/debit card. Visit our Buy RS Gold page to see our stock levels for RuneScape 3 and Old School RuneScape (OSRS).

  • What is RuneScape Gold and What Can I Spend it on?

    In RuneScape, gold is the most common form of currency used. During gameplay, RuneScape coins appear as small gold pieces. They are stackable and are of various shapes. Players refer to coins using many different terms including gold pieces (GP), cash, money, or gold.

    One thousand coins is typically just referred to as 1k. Likewise, one million coins are referred to as 1Mill or 1M and a billion coins are referred to as 1Bill or 1B. When playing RuneScape, a stack of RS gold has small text on the upper-left hand of the stack. When you acquire more RuneScape coins and your stack gets larger, the stack’s text and colours both change, dependent upon the amount of RuneScape GP in the stack. A stack of coins that has an 'M' or a 'K' associated with it will always be rounded down to the closest multiplier. The point of this feature is so that players are protected when receiving RS Money during trades. For example, if you are trading with another player for 15M, you want to make sure that you aren’t receiving 14.5M just rounded up.

    RuneScape Gold, RuneScape GP, RSGP, RS Money, RS Gold, Gold RS, RS Coin

    There is a maximum number of RuneScape coins that you are allowed to have in RuneScape, purely because of the data usage. The limit is 2,147,483,647. You can store your RuneScape Gold in a variety of places including inventory, money pouch, Treasure chest, Kingdom of Miscellania, Mahogany prize chest, and in the bank. Players who have more RS coins than the allowed limit of 2.14B have a couple of options when it comes to their excess gold. Most players choose to invest in spirit shards, or other discontinued items. Spirit shards are worth 25 coins each and they can be sold for that set amount to the pet store in Yanille. So, their value can never be manipulated by users of the grand exchange and you are guaranteed to get your RS Money back when you choose to sell them back to the pet store.

    RuneScape money is necessary in the game and there are ways for players to make RuneScape gold. There are specific skills within the RuneScape community that have proven to be very popular with gamers because of their potential for profit-making. And with most skills, there are multiple ways to make that profit.

    There are a lot of things you can spend your RuneScape gold on but some investments are better than others. Some items really hold their value and can even increase over time. One of the best investments you can make is in a solid weapon. You need a good weapon to kill monsters or players with so investing in one is a sound decision. You want to make sure that the weapon you purchase meets your skills and your individual level. For example, abyssal whips are known to be really excellent weapons for fighting but require a skill level of 70 attack to wield it. Armour is another good choice when it comes to deciding what to purchase with your RuneScape gold. It is well known that the best armours are Dragon and Barrows for Old School RuneScape and alternatively Malevolent for RuneScape 3 (if you're choosing to melee fight). You can also purchase a number of discontinued items with your RuneScape gold. Some holiday items, for example, are very valuable including Halloween masks, crackers, partyhats, and Santa hats.

    If you're more of a skiller than a fighter however, there are still many options for you to look at when spending your well-earned RuneScape 3 Gold or OSRS Gold. That is to buy the best resource collecting tools such as a dragon hatchet and pickaxe. This will allow you to level your woodcutting and mining skills respectively faster. Additionally, it will also allow you to collect resources faster to then sell on the Grand Exchange or to other players to recuperate your sound investment in a tool.

    If you have already maxed your gathering skills, then you could buy the raw materials directly from the grand exchange to then power level your artisan skills to the max level of 99 or 120. This will award you with a skill cape and respect from other players!

  • What is Old School RuneScape 2007?

    Old School RuneScape is known by gamers by several different names including RS07, 2007Scape, RS2, and OSRS. Old School RuneScape is the official name generated by Jagex for an older version of the RuneScape game. This version had been released from a backup of the source code of RuneScape back in August of 2007. The game was announced via a post in February of 2013. What followed was the opening of a poll to help ascertain the number of players that might be interested in the old school version of the game. That poll ended in March of 2013 and was used to help decide a number of factors with the game, include whether or not there would be a membership fee associated with playing. When the poll finally ended in March of 2013, there had been a total of 449,351 votes tallied. The cutoff number needed to secure having no membership fee was 500,000 but Jagex at the time stated that it would not charge a fee for the first six months of Old School RuneScape. Still, all this time later, gamers can still play for free. In addition, Jagex gave Old School RuneScape membership credit equivalent to one month to everyone who had cast a vote. Old School RuneScape soon saw the number of players rival that of the live version of the game, which is now known as RuneScape 3, to help distinguish between the two versions.

    Old School RuneScape operates much the same way as RuneScape Classic and gamers can use their primary account to gain access to both games. However, the identifying information from each individual game, such as personal stats, items you may have acquired or quests completed cannot be transferred between Old School RuneScape and RuneScape 3. All players start on equal playing field and in the same place for Old School RuneScape and that place is on Tutorial Island. You also start the game with a brand-new character that you get to customise. The RS07 version of RuneScape was originally released in the early part of the year 2013. It had been voted on by players and was slated to be released with a new set of features for each vote mark level that was reached.

    Old School RuneScape was separated into a total of four different levels, each of which had increasing requirements for number of votes. Even though the benchmark of 500,000 was not reached, Jagex has stated that it will not be charging any membership fee for playing the game. For level 1 to be reached, a total of 50,000 votes needed to be cast. That number of votes ensured that Old School RuneScape would be released. It also guaranteed a $15 membership fee, critical maintenance, and no bug fixes or game updates. With Level 2, which was secured by having 250,000 votes secured, gamers reached the mark of only a $5 membership fee, still not major updates but some critical bug fixes included, potential for anti-bot technology over time, and a small development team. For Level 3, which needed 500,000 votes, gamers received the Old School RuneScape for free with their existing membership, regular scheduled maintenance, as well as content updates periodically. Lastly, there was a 4th Level available which was not reached, as it required 750,000 votes. Had it been reached, it would have secured no additional membership fee, with a portion of the game staying free for everyone, content updates dependent on gamer polling, anti-bot technology, and a large development team to ensure consistent maintenance.

    There are some significant differences between Old School RuneScape and RuneScape 3. To start with, there is an age requirement of 13 years old associated with Old School RuneScape. It uses a legacy type of combat whereby the user just has to click and forget about killing the monster or player because it would continue to hit it until one of you died. This is unlike the Evolution of Combat (EOC) used in RuneScape 3, which focuses on abilities and action bars. This brought RuneScape 3 up to date with the other most popular MMORPG games in the marketplace like SWTOR and World of Warcraft. The graphics are not as fancy in Old School RuneScape. There is no texture used within those graphics. Also with Old School Runescape, there are no Jagex microtransactions, including Treasure Hunter, Squeal of Fortune, or Solomon’s General Store. Essentially removing the 'pay-to-win' feel that is accredited to the RuneScape 3 version of the game. The only exception to this is that membership bonds are consistent in both versions of the game. Old School RuneScape does not use diversions or distractions and many of the minigames do not exist either. Lastly, many of the items that had been previously discontinued in the newer version of the game still exist in Old School RuneScape as they had been previously set to be released as part of the game. There are a number of items that are available that aren’t even part of the newer game such as black party hats and boxing gloves.

    The majority of the new content in the game was decided through player polls conducted on social media. These polls took place on sites such as Reddit, Twitter, and various RuneScape forums. In order for players to cast a vote in these polls, they had to have a total level of 280 in Old School RuneScape and for a poll to be deemed successful by Jagex, it had to be approved by 75% of the votes in the poll. One of the additions in the game is God Wars Dungeon (GWD), even though it was a different version than the one released in the main game. Some of the content in Old School RuneScape is exclusive to that version, given that some of it has never been seen before in the history of the live game.

    Finally, there are some really interesting facts surrounding Old School RuneScape and its popularity with gamers. On its first day, the Old School RuneScape Servers had reached 50,000 online players after only four hours of gaming. Now, during peak hours, the count of players has been known to reach over 66,000. While popularity seems to ebb and flow, there is no denying that with a fan base that is able to vote on new content, the game still attracts many gamers.

  • What is RuneScape 3 - The World’s Largest Free MMORPG Game?

    RuneScape, developed and published by Jagex, is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or MMORPG, that was originally released all the way back in the start the start of 2001. It has gained incredible popularity since then with more than 1000 player made videos being posted to YouTube every day. In RuneScape, you enter a fantasy world filed with adventure and magic and you can expect to battle dragons and gods as well as mythical creatures. It is a self-driven game, with the player being able to drive the story of their own game. RuneScape boasts over 250 million user accounts, making it one of the most popular franchises of online gaming ever. The RuneScape franchise has now morphed into a series of books, several different spin-off games and a fanbase dedicated to the game for over 15 years now. The latest version of RuneScape, RuneScape 3, was released in 2013.

    There are a number of reasons why RuneScape has proven so successful and popular since its inception. The first of these reasons is, of course, that it is free to play making it accessible to really anyone who has a PC and wants to play. There is always new gameplay as well so gamers should never really tire of playing RuneScape. New content is added weekly so gamers can experience new adventure every 7 days. And because the game has been in existence for so long, any new gamers will have no problem finding existing content to play.

    Overall, RuneScape is a point and click game that takes place in a fantasy world named Gielinor. Gamers can interact with others, as well as with characters that are non-players. Those non-players are those characters that are controlled by the game, known as NPC's. Gamers can also interact with different areas in the game as well as objects. There is no set requirements or aims in the game so the gamer really drives their individual game in terms of what they want to be doing because there's 27 different skills and thousands of different monsters to kill. Players can choose from taking part in a quest, training a skill, fighting a dragon or other monster, or simply socializing with other characters. There are two different mechanics of combat within RuneScape, ‘regular’ and ‘legacy’. The legacy mode is fairly traditional as it was and still is used in the predecessor version of RuneScape known as Old School RuneScape (OSRS). The regular, or evolution of combat (EOC), is a combat mode that many gamers would compare to that of other MMORPG games like World of Warcraft. This is where you have an action bar and the user cycles and schedules what abilities and attacks they want to do next depending on their type of foe and combat style.

    RuneScape players can also choose how to train their skills, of which there are several to choose from. The skills in RuneScape are organised into four types of skills; combat, gathering, artisan and support. Some skills have different training methods but all of them seem to follow a specific order which includes undertaking an action, receiving experience from that action, hitting the next level cap and gaining access to a new skilling method or ability.

    For the Gathering skill category, you’ll find the skills of; Mining, Hunting, Farming, Divination, Woodcutting, and Fishing. This type of skill category is essentially resource collecting. Turning nothing into something.

    For the Artisan Skill category, there are skills of; Herblore, Crafting, Fletching, Smithing, Cooking, Firemaking, Runecrafting and Construction. This category is about turning raw resources into a product. For example, you would woodcut as a gathering source and then either fletch a log into an arrow for fletching XP, or burn the log for Firemaking XP.

    For the Support skill category, there are four skills; Agility, Thieving, Slayer and Dungeoneering. These are skills that don't necessarily belong into any of the other three categories but assist you in the game to progress through it faster. For example, having a higher agility level means that you can run for longer and take shortcuts in the game to new areas quicker. That said, you could argue that Slayer belongs in the Combat skill category!

    Finally, the Combat skill category! This category consists of; Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Magic, Prayer, Constitution (HP) and Summoning. These are the skills that make up your combat level and will help you slay monsters faster as you level them.

    What is the Max Level in RuneScape 3?

    The maximum level in RuneScape 3 is level 138. As aforementioned it is calculated based off your eight core combat skills; Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Magic, Prayer, Constitution (HP) and Summoning.

    To see what your combat level would be if you levels one of the skills above, use RuneHQ's Combat Calculator.

    Gamers can also go on quests in RuneScape since the game does not necessarily follow a chronological story. Each quest typically ends with the gamer receiving an experience boost or the ability to acquire an item. Sometimes, they do not result in any tangible outcome but rather just add to the gaming experience for the player.

    Lastly, RuneScape is very well known for its socializing aspect for gamers. Players can socialize with others and create clans or friends chat groups to help assist each other with the game, or to create fun social events like skilling/bossing tournaments. This socializing often spills over into real life, with many gamers extending their friendships outside of the game through Skype and other technology platforms. There are also a good number of community forums that revolve around RuneScape gameplay. The game has existed for over 15 years and as such, has built up a popular base of gamers who socialize with each other. This is evident during RuneScape's annual celebratory event known as RuneFest. This is where the core RuneScape gamers and streamers unite at a convention down in London to learn about what's happening in the next year ahead. Additionally fans can game a little with the moderators and creators of RS3, ask them questions and generally just have a fun time with friends that they've perhaps only ever been able to speak to in-game.

    The latest and biggest update to RuneScape 3 was the release of a new gaming client known as NXT.  It brought the technology, gameplay and story to a new heightened level. There was a transition to HTML5 which created a more streamlined experience for gamers and was a real technological advancement over the past version of the game. There are additional benefits to the upgrade. To start, the hardware on gamers’ computers is put to better use with HTML5 and there is an improved performance during the game, including better load times. The lighting and overall environment is improved and textures are more easily distinguished. Colors are more vibrant and shadows are more dynamic, giving some greater dimension to the game. Gamers have more to be excited about than just the upgrade to HTML5. There are new storylines and gameplay added to RuneScape 3.

    One of the biggest draws of playing RuneScape 3 is that it is a simple browser game. You don’t need a fancy console or gaming platform. You just log right in through the browser on your computer, create an account and start playing. The sign up process is really slick and there's even an optional tutorial on how to start playing RuneScape. If you are a new gamer, you can experience a lot of content right up front, since RuneScape 3 was released in July of 2013. The second biggest draw for many gamers is that RuneScape 3 is free to play - hence the title of this article. However, you always have the option to upgrade to a membership at a cost but you don’t have to pay to enjoy the game. I would recommend that if you do enjoy the game and get hooked, then buying membership will enhance your gaming experience ten-fold with new skills becoming available, new items and weapons that can be equipped and a whole lot more!

  • Which is the Best Website to Sell RuneScape Gold to?

    You know as a RuneScape player how important RuneScape gold is to the advancement of your gameplay. RuneScape gold allows you to purchase necessary goods and gear. It can help you turn a profit on discontinued or coveted items. And it can help you level up in a number of different skills. It is the in-game currency of RuneScape, and as such, it has a huge bearing on your success in the game. There are a number of reasons why you might be looking to sell RuneScape gold. You could be quitting the game and have RS gold leftover for which you no longer have any use. You could simply want to try a different version of the game and are looking to swap your existing gold to another platform or you could just want or need the money for your unwanted RuneScape coins. Either way, there are a number of gamers who are always looking to sell off their gold or swap it to be used in a different versions of the game.

    If you are one of those gamers looking to sell RS Gold, you will quickly find that there are several websites out there that are willing to take your gold off your hands. Choosing one to use is the trickier part. Each website will offer a specific rate for Old School RuneScape Gold and another rate for RuneScape 3 Gold. The tricky part comes in choosing the best vendor to use. While there are several options available, not all sites are reputable and not all of them live up to the services they claim to be able to provide. Many sites are masks for scammers who are only interested in accessing your account to steal your valuables and gold from you. One telltale way of differentiating the scammers from the reputable sites is by looking at what they ask you to provide to them. If you are ever asked to enter your log-in credentials into a site or they request personal identification, then they are more than likely looking to scam you. By you entering your RuneScape log-in information into a foreign site, they will then be able to access your account unbeknownst to you and steal your valuable items and RuneScape GP.

    If you are looking for a reputable site with fair exchange rates, consider using our site which will never scam you. That is not the only perk to using our site, however. We not only offer the best rates, but your transaction is kept safe as well. We use a system that cannot be seen by Jagex which means that you do not run the risk of being banned from playing RuneScape in the future. We offer unprecedented customer service and are always available to answer any questions or concerns. Our top priority is keeping the customer satisfied and we believe that we offer a service that is unrivaled when it comes to the competition. With so many websites out there looking to scam you for your gold or other RuneScape valuables, you are better off using our site where you run no risk of being scammed and where we deliver on the promises we make. Buy, Sell or Swap RuneScape Gold to us and you will not be disappointed.

  • Buy RuneScape Gold at Cheap Discounted Prices Here

    If you are in the market to buy RuneScape gold, you won’t find a shortage of vendors that want your business. There are so many of them on the internet all looking to sell you their RS Gold, that it might prove difficult for you to decide which vendor to trust and it may prove even more difficult to determine which vendors are reputable. We at take the guess work out of finding the best RuneScape gold supplier. When you buy RS Gold from us, you can rest assured that you’ve made a good decision.

    At, we offer the best rates possible for purchasing RuneScape gold. If you look at rates of other vendors, you won’t find any that beat ours. In addition to our rates for buying RuneScape gold, we also offer the best rates if you are ever trying to sell RuneScape gold. We will buy it back at the best possible rate, much higher than the rate you would get with other service providers. So, you can keep in mind that this is always an option if you ever decide that you don’t want to play RuneScape anymore, or if you find that you have more RuneScape coins than you need later on in your game's life cycle.

    In terms of buying RS gold from us at, you can rest assured that your transactions are 100% safe and secure. Not only are we a safe reputable service provider to use but we offer an ease and convenience you won’t find anywhere else. The RSGP you purchase is delivered immediately so you are not waiting around for the gold you purchased to hit your account. In addition, our checkouts are always secure and you can pay with a variety of different payment options. There are so many ways to pay, with any currency, that you are guaranteed to find a method that will work for you. Lastly, we stand by our zero-rate ban policy. What this means is that no gamer has ever been banned by Jagex for any transaction that was performed with us. That means that you can rest easy when purchasing RS gold from us.

    In terms of how we deliver your RuneScape GP to you, the process is pretty straightforward. You simply choose whether you want the gold in RuneScape 3 or in Old School RuneScape. Once that is decided, you let us know the quantity of RuneScape gold you want and you input your character name. Then you go through our secure checkout process and choose your payment method. After you’ve paid for your RS Gold, your character meets up with us in the game itself through a face-to-face trade window. We trade you the gold and you go on to play the game as you want. It is as simple as that.

    Of course once you have the RS3 gold or OSRS gold in your possession in the game, you can do with it what you want. You can choose to buy high end gear that will help you to perform better and to level skills quicker. You can purchase one of those coveted rare items such as a partyhat or Christmas cracker or you can buy any other item you think might help you in your travels. Whatever you decide to do with your RS 3 gold / RuneScape 2007 Gold is entirely up to you but you can rest assured that you’ve purchased it from a reputable provider once you’ve bought from We will always stand by our promises and you won’t find better rates or a higher level of customer service anywhere else on the internet.

  • Best Rates to Swap RuneScape Gold Available Here

    If you haven’t been playing RuneScape for too long, you might not quite know what the term gold swapping means. Obviously, you know about RuneScape gold and that it is the catalyst for most of the progress through the game that a player experiences while playing RuneScape. RuneScape gold can help you level up in skills, buy the best gear to kill and skill better and advance further, and help you purchase big ticket or discontinued items like Partyhats. As such, RuneScape gold is an integral part of your gameplay.

    RuneScape gold swapping is a simple concept in RuneScape and applies mostly to those players who play in both Old School RuneScape (OSRS) as well as RuneScape 3 (RS3) or for those who are thinking of moving from playing one game to the other. Gold Swapping is a method of transferring gold from one version of the game to the other. So, you can transfer your OSRS gold to RS3 gold or you can swap your RS3 gold for OSRS gold. Both channels are possibilities when making a swap. Once you decide you want to swap your gold, you need to find a vendor that you trust to do the swapping for you.

    Jagex does not offer a RuneScape Gold Swap service themselves so you are forced to use a third-party vendor, which is okay because we offer one of the most reputable services available. There are a few things to keep in mind when gold swapping. First, you want to find a vendor that you trust. That means that you want to make sure you never use a vendor that requires that you first enter your log-in credentials. This is usually an indication that you are being scammed. If you have to enter your log-in information, the vendor can steal it from you and subsequently take all of your valuables from your game. So, you want to avoid any vendor that asks for this information up front. The second thing you want to keep in mind is the exchange rate imposed by the vendor. We have a very fair exchange rate while other vendors will charge far more for you to swap your gold from one game to another.

    The actual act of gold swapping is quite simple when you use our service. You simply visit our RuneScape Swap Gold page, select which version of RuneScape that your RS Gold belongs to, input the quantity of RS3 Gold or OSRS Gold you wish to swap, and our swapping calculator will automatically show you in real-time how much gold we're able to give you for the other version of RuneScape that you want to swap to. Should you wish to proceed with the transaction, just complete the webform and request a swap. A live chat conversation will be initiated with a representative of ours who will meet you in-game to trade your unwanted RuneScape GP to our account. Then once the transaction is complete, they will then meet you in-game on your preferred version of RuneScape and trade your character the agreed amount of RS3 / OSRS Gold via trade window. Doing so enables you to not waste the fruits of your labour on your previous version of RuneScape. It's also more cost-effective than selling RuneScape gold and buying it back. As we charge a small fee for swapping RuneScape gold, you can be sure that we are your best option when trading OSRS to RS3 Gold, or RS3 to OSRS Gold.

    Again, what is most important to remember with RS gold swapping is to use a vendor that has a fair exchange rate and that is reputable and not trying to scam you out of your RuneScape gold. We offer competitive rates that would be hard to find with another vendor and our process proves that we are not trying to scam any gamers. We perform the transaction right in the game being used so that you are witness to what we are doing. While it can cause a bit of anxiety choosing the right vendor, you can rest assured that we will always provide the best service possible for your gold swapping needs.

  • Can I Get Banned for Buying RuneScape Gold?

    The in-game currency for RuneScape, RS Gold, is a crucial part of any player’s gameplay. Having RS Gold can only help your chances of advancing in the game whether through leveling up in skills, or being able to purchase items that help you skill and kill better. That said, you may want to increase how much RS Gold you have and you may not want to wait to do so. So, you might be considering buying RuneScape Gold. Many gamers feel nervous about buying RS gold because of the hype surrounding repercussions from Jagex if you get caught buying RS Gold. However, that fear might be unwarranted.

    There is actually quite minimal risk involved in buying or selling RuneScape Gold. Jagex cannot possible prove with 100% surety that you are buying or selling RuneScape Gold for real life money. The transaction of buying or selling in exchange for real-life money is known as Real-World Trading and that is what is not allowed by Jagex. Because Jagex cannot prove it beyond a doubt, they would have to start banning players based solely on suspicion. If they started doing that, there would be more players than not that would end up being banned, which Jagex could never afford to let happen. It would mean that those banned players would no longer be playing RuneScape and therefore would no longer be paying for their RuneScape membership. It would be an undertaking that Jagex would simply not be able to afford. They just would never be able to sustain the loss in profit.

    Given the loss in profit that Jagex could sustain if they banned all players who engaged in a suspicious transaction, it is in the best interest of Jagex to make sure they are not banning many players. Instead, they use a scare tactic in the hopes that it is effective enough to prevent gamers from selling and buying RuneScape Gold for real-life money. That scare tactic is basically to threaten players with getting their account banned and subsequently losing all of their progress in the game, as well as the items and gold in their possession in the game. By scaring players in this way, Jagex hopes that they do not have players engaging in Real-World Trading (RWT). By scaring players out of engaging in Real-World Trading, Jagex is hoping that gamers will instead buy treasure hunter keys to subsequently open treasure trail chests to make money and level up quicker via lamps and prismatic stars. While that is the goal of Jagex, it is obviously more cost efficient, as a player, to buy RuneScape gold. And this is why Jagex doesn’t want gamers to do so. In the end, Jagex loses out on some profits if gamers are buying RS3 gold or OSRS Gold through websites like ourselves.

    Buying RS gold is definitely the most cost-efficient choice for you as a gamer. Firstly, you can choose the exact amount of RS3 Gold or OSRS Gold you want to buy and receive. Compared to buying treasure hunter keys, you are chancing your luck against stacked odds of finding a valuable item in a chest. Buying RuneScape gold is cheaper and you are guaranteed to receive a set amount to then do what you want with. Secondly, if you get fed up of the game, or manage to kill a boss that drops a valuable item, you can then later sell RuneScape gold back to us to recuperate some of your money invested into the game! For you as the gamer, it is a win-win to purchase RS gold. That being said, even though it is the most cost-efficient option for getting your hands on RuneScape gold, it also can be risky if you aren’t extra careful in choosing your supplier. You want to make sure that you use a reliable source, such as ours, to purchase your RuneScape gold. There are several websites out there that pretend to be from the United Kingdom or United States, when in fact, they're from Asia and you end up having a hard time communicating with them to get your due RuneScape 3 Gold or Old School RuneScape Gold.

    Using our service ensures a zero ban policy, meaning that no gamer who has ever used our services has been banned by Jagex.

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