• RS Money is Easy to Acquire and We’ll Show you How!

    RS Gold is important to any RuneScape gamer. It can really serve to progress you through the game and there are a number of different ways to acquire RS gold. Each gamer has their own personal preference on how to earn or get their gold so it will really be up to you on how you want to acquire it.

    To start, you can always skill and kill to earn your gold. That simply means that you can use the game to your advantage and progress through the game by simply earning your RS gold. This can be a slower method of acquiring gold when compared to some of the alternatives but it is an option and many gamers do use this as their method of acquiring RuneScape money. Examples of methods to skill and skill to turn a profit include opening muddy chests, crafting mud runes, killing Araxxi, and killing tormented demons. And while it is possible to make money through these methods of killing and skilling, it is often a slower process then some of the other alternatives to getting RuneScape money. It just means that you have to dedicate a bit more time to the game than those players who use shortcuts. One shortcut to avoid, of course, is using bots which breaks the rules and can have real repercussions for your being able to play RuneScape in the future.

    Instead of resorting to using a bot, there is another way to make RuneScape money fast. One of the quickest ways to get your hands on RuneScape gold is simply to buy it. This method functions very much like a shortcut to earning RS gold but if you use a reputable provider, you don’t really run the risk of getting banned by Jagex. And there are a lot of advantages to using this method as a way to get RuneScape gold fast.

    If you purchase from you can rest assured that you’ve made a safe transaction. That isn’t always the case with other providers who want your business. If you do a very quick search online, you will find that there are several vendors that want to sell you RuneScape money. You should be very careful who you choose as many of those who are targeting you for business are the same vendors that will scam you for your valuables in the game. When you purchase from us, you simply do not have to worry about that. We offer not only the best buying rates, but we have several other features that make us better than the competition. First, you can buy from us at the best rate possible and then if you ever want to sell your excess RuneScape gold, we also offer the highest selling rates. We also offer immediate delivery of the RuneScape gold you are purchasing. So you simply let us know how much you want and what character you are using in the game, pay for the RS gold and then meet us in the game for delivery. You don’t have to wait around for your RuneScape 3 gold. And you can choose from a vast number of payment options. We accept all currencies as well as several different payment methods so that you aren’t slowed down by payment. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is our zero-ban policy. What this means is that no gamer has ever been banned from RuneScape as a result of a transaction they had with us. Our transactions are safe, secure and convenient. While many gamers are nervous about purchasing Old School RuneScape gold, you do not have to be if you purchase from We not only offer you a convenient and simple process but you can rest assured that you will be able to continue playing RuneScape without interruption.

  • Learn how to Swap OSRS Gold for RS3 Gold

    If you play RuneScape you are probably familiar enough with RuneScape gold, also referred to as Runescape coins. RuneScape gold is the in-game currency of the game and is the driving force behind most gamers’ progress through the game. It helps them advance through various means, including buying the best gear to help them skill and kill better as well as aiding them in leveling up in a variety of skills. That said, RuneScape gold is an integral part of any gamer’s experience with RuneScape.

    Gold swapping is a term that you may hear fairly often if you are just starting out in RuneScape and you may not be clear on what it means. It is a pretty simple concept and just refers to the method by which a player can swap their gold in either RuneScape 3 or Old School RuneScape for gold in the other version of the game. So, you could swap gold in RuneScape 3 (RS3) for gold in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) or you could go the other way and swap your OSRS gold for RS3 gold. Either transfer is possible. The way gold swapping works is equally pretty simple. You just give the gold swapper the gold from the game you no longer want and they return gold to you in the game version in which you’d like to have the gold.

    What is most important to note here is the Jagex does not perform gold swapping themselves so you must use a third-party vendor for your gold swapping needs. This means that you have to find a vendor that you trust to use. The best advice here is to use a reputable provider and to get swap exchange rates from a few different servicers so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. In essence, the exchange works much the same way that real-life currency exchange works which means that an exchange rate is imposed on the gold. It is also worth noting that Jagex do not consider gold swapping as real-world trading, thus is not bannable.

    Once you have found a reputable provider to use and you trust them with your RS gold, the process is pretty straightforward from that point. You would meet the provider in the game from which you want to offload your gold. So, if you are trying to swap out your Old School RuneScape gold for RuneScape 3 gold, you would meet the vendor in Old School RuneScape. One your character meets face-to-face with the servicer’s character, you would conduct the trade through a trade window. It works pretty quickly and once the trade is complete, you then meet the same vendor in the game in which you want the gold to be swapped. So, in this case, once the first part of the transaction was completed in Old School RuneScape, you would then go to RuneScape 3 and meet the vendor there. You would go through the same steps again in-game, except that this time the vendor would trade you the amount of gold that had been agreed upon beforehand. That amount would depend on the swap rate that you had previously agreed upon with the servicer. Once the transaction is performed, the gold swap is then complete. You now will have in your possession, the amount of gold you previously agreed upon and the vendor will have made a slight profit through the exchange rate.

    Gold Swapping is a straightforward concept in RuneScape, whether you are swapping RS3 Gold or OSRS Gold. What is most important to remember is that you need to use a vendor that you trust and that will offer you an exchange rate that you think is fair.

  • Learn How to Sell OSRS Gold for Real-Life Money!

    If you are in the market for selling Old School RuneScape Gold, you will quickly find that there are a lot of sites out there looking to buy your gold. Finding a site to buy your OSRS gold won’t be difficult but finding one that you can trust might prove more of a challenge. With so many sites out there looking to buy your OSRS gold, it can be really important to learn how to pick one that is reputable and will provide the service you need. Each website you come across will offer an exchange rate for both RS3 Gold as well as OSRS Gold. However, there are quite a few scam websites out there and you need to be on the lookout for them when you are trying to sell your RuneScape gold.

    We offer not only the best service to our customers but also the best rates of any site. You won’t find an easier vendor with which you could do business. We care about the safety of all of our transactions and we make the process as convenient as possible for our customers. You can trust the team for all of your RuneScape gold needs. The BuyRuneScapeGold team is comprised of 20 customer service agents who have all undergone extensive training to ensure that we are always providing the very highest degree of customer service to any gamer who comes to us looking to sell their OSRS Gold.

    The process for selling your OSRS gold to BuyRuneScapeGold could not be simpler. You just open up the live chat window which is located in the bottom right corner of our website. There, you will get to speak directly with an agent in just 30 seconds time or less. We care about the time you are spending on this process and we make sure that we get to your questions as soon as possible. There, an agent will be able to appraise your RuneScape 2007 gold to see how much it is worth. The whole process from start to finish will only take a few minutes. Once you start the chat and learn what your gold is worth, we will give you a convenient location which you can access whether you are an F2P player or P2P player. Then, once you have traded with us in the game, we will request your PayPal email. However, we also offer payment through a variety of other means including bank wire, western union, and bitcoins. We can even trade in currency other than USD when transferring in PayPal. If any of these options is more appealing to you, you should let us know before you trade with us in the game.

    In terms of how much you can trade with us, we accept any gold value that is at least worth $1. Most often, this mean 1 million in 07 or 3million in RS3. We can also accept trades that exceed the 1B mark in RS3 and OSRS.

    It can seem really challenging to find a vendor with which you trust doing business when it comes to selling OSRS gold. That can be understood given all of the potential scams that are on the internet. You do not want to waste your time and money only to have it taken from you. We understand that, which is why we strive to provide the very best service possible. We are the biggest RSGP marketplace in the world and are often mentioned by Twitch streamers for our impeccable service. We have even been rated “most trusted” within the community of RuneScape trading. We are always available to you and look forward to serving your RuneScape needs.

  • Is RuneScape 2007 Gold Different to RS 3 Gold?

    If you are a RuneScape gamer, you know how important it is to have RS gold reserves. Nearly everything in the game requires the use of gold, or can at least be supported by RS gold, including how fast and efficiently you move through the game. You can purchase gear, level up quicker in skills, and buy discontinued or other valuable items. All of those actions are driven primarily through the use of RS gold. So, you always want to make sure that you have an adequate supply of the in-game currency at your fingertips. That said, there really is no way to interchange RS gold between RuneScape 3 and Old School RuneScape within the game itself. It just is not an action that is provided. However, there are other methods to swap out your gold from one version to the other.

    RuneScape 2007, or Old School Runescape, and RuneScape 3 each have their separate economies. This essentially means that the games cannot swap gold between each other. The RS gold in each game is worth an amount in real life money, which is why it is possible to buy RS gold outside of the game. So, if you want to swap your gold from one version of the game to another, it is possible but you need to use an outside source. The best one to use is With this website, you can swap your gold between the two versions of the game for a very small fee. Aside from the best rates possible, also offers a number of services, including impeccable customer service that you just cannot find with other service providers. So, you have two options when you want gold in a different version of the game. You can either sell your gold for real-life money and then purchase in the other version of the game or you can swap it out for a small fee.

    If you are planning on playing the other version of the game, or the game to which you want to swap your RS gold, it is advised that you just swap out your gold as opposed to purchasing RS3 gold. It is far less time consuming, especially when you use a provider like who makes it such a simple process. In addition, you can avoid payment processing fees for sending and receiving money through services like PayPal. When you swap out gold, you simply use our service at a small fee to convert one version of the game’s gold to the version used in the other game. So, you meet up with us in the version of the game where you want to give up your gold and once that transaction is completed, you exit and go into the other version of the game. There, we swap out your original gold for the new version of RS gold. All of this is done right in the game where you can see it all taking place and it is done for a very small fee.

    One thing to always keep in mind when debating on the use of RS Gold in different versions of the game is that OSRS gold has a higher real-life value than RS3 Gold. This is simply because the Old School RuneScape is a harder game to play because of its lower item levels and higher monster levels. There is also no evolution of the combat system that RuneScape 3 has in its gameplay. For those reasons, the game is harder to play and the gold has a higher value in real-life. To give a comparison, OSRS value per million is about $1.25 whereas the value per million for RuneScape 3 is more like $0.25. This is something to keep in mind when swapping RuneScape gold.

    The best provider for swapping gold or even for buying or selling RS gold is simply because you run no risk of being scammed and you can rest assured that you are getting both the best rates in selling as well as the best rates in buying. There is no other comparison on the internet right now. And you can be guaranteed to be met with the highest level of professionalism when working with us.

  • How to Find the Best RuneScape Quest Guide

    If you are a RuneScape gamer, you are probably in a constant search for the best guide to beating quests. RuneScape offers a number of quests, more of which are available to you if you have a paid RuneScape membership. With all of the features in gameplay available in RuneScape, quests is perhaps one of the most appealing. The fact that there are so many quests available means that gamers are always able to experience new and interest content through new quest. This benefit can always mean that it isn’t quite so easy to find quick resources on how to advance in the game. Finding a quick guide to beating quests is harder to come by than you might think, primarily because there are so many quests available in RuneScape. With so many RuneScape quests, you might find trouble finding an overall quest guide that is reliable and helpful. Instead, you have to focus on beating the current quest you are playing rather than a guide on how to beat quests in general.

    There is no true set guide for beating quests because there are over 200 quests available to play in RuneScape. So, you would need to find a guide for each individual quest. While that may be hard to do, there are some sites you can try for RuneScape quest guides. To start, you can always try RuneScape Wikia, RuneHQ, Tip It, and YouTube, all of which prove reliable in helping to beat quests. For those RuneScape gamers who are visual learners, YouTube may be the best option because you can actually see the steps of the guide visually through video. The other sites are great options for those who want a more step-by-step guide in written form.

    With the over 200 quests available on RuneScape and no one guide to beat them all, it is important to remember the unique qualities of each quest. RuneScape quests has each have their own level of difficulty, requirement lists and duration to complete. For those quests that have a requirement list, you can expect to have to have made some achievements before playing. For example, you might have needed to complete previous quests before undertaking the next. There are a variety of rewards that you can receive at the successful completion at each quest. So, each quest has its own features that govern its play but its rewards can also be unique. And by beating some quests, other ones open up for play based on their individual requirements.

    One of the most appealing features of RuneScape for the many users who play the game, is the fact that there are so many options for gameplay, most notably the high number of different quests available. Having so many quests available keeps this new for players and means that there is always something new to experience. While that can be both challenging and exciting, it also means that there aren’t overall guides available on how to beat quests. Each quest is governed by its own set of features and level of difficulty so it is hard to find a guide that will help you beat quests in general. You can try websites that might help with individual quests. These sites can help walk you through how to beat a certain quest. And if you are a more visual learner and would like to be shown how to compete in the quest, YouTube is a reliable source of instructions and guides on how to beat RuneScape quests.

    Each RuneScape quest guide should detail; the required items used to complete the quest, the starting location, the rewards for completing the quest, the quests required to be completed before starting this quest, the average duration of this quest.

  • How to Buy RuneScape Membership and the Benefits

    RuneScape is an incredibly popular game, one of the most popular MMORPG’s currently available. It is user-friendly, easy to offers great options for gameplay. One of the biggest appeals of RuneScape is that it is free to play. You just need access to a web browser and you can start playing. That being said, most RuneScape players actually do choose to pay for a membership in order to enjoy the additional, members-only benefits available. There are a variety of different ways that players can upgrade to a paid membership and there are a quite a few reasons why most players choose to pay for an upgraded membership. At any given time, approximately 90% of all RuneScape gamers are paid members for these reasons. Overall, with a paid membership, you can expect to experience better and more unique skills, stronger enemies, and more locations if and when you upgrade to a paid membership. This in turn will allow you to level much faster and progress through the game with more ease.

    There are several perks you can expect to receive by becoming a RuneScape paid member. The world of RuneScape is approximately 3 times bigger for paid members and there are eight times more quests available. You also can experience several more skills and have the opportunity to own additional items, like a port and a house.

    There are different membership packages available, depending on how much you want to spend on your RuneScape membership and how often you want to pay for it. There are benefits available to all members as a baseline to start. You are granted access to content that is only available to paid members. If you want to pay for membership for only one month, you can expect to pay $9.49 each month. If you want to sign up for a 3 month RuneScape membership, you’ll pay $8.67 a month. For the three month membership, you would be charged $25.99 every three months. If you want to go with a 12 month membership, you would pay the cheapest cost per month at $7.50 a month via a payment of $89.99 one-time. Not only are there several different membership options available but it is also very easy to become a paid RuneScape member. RuneScape accepts all major debit and credit cards but it also accepts other forms of payment including PayBySMS, PayPal and PayByCash. You can even purchase membership cards at a variety of stores, whether for yourself or as a gift for family or friends.

    On occasion, you may even be able to get a deal on your RuneScape membership. For example, up until May 8th, if you were a Twitch Prime member, there were a number of RuneScape benefits available. One of these was a free month of paid membership. Other benefits included 15 treasure hunter keys, access to Old School RuneScape, 200 RuneCoins, and a ‘Prime Colossus’ legendary pet. Twitch Prime is a new experience available through Twitch which is included in your Amazon Prime membership. Twitch has its own series of benefits including a channel subscription every 3 days and ad-free viewing. For those members who took part in the Twitch promotion with RuneScape, they received a number of benefits including a month long RuneScape paid membership whether or not you were a previous member. There were options for signing up for the free month of membership if you were already a member or if you were brand new to RuneScape. RuneScape is also on Twitch through its official Twitch channel as well as its community streamers.

    To draw a direct comparison between free RuneScape membership and a paid one, it makes sense to look at each category within the game and see the differences between the two. For free RuneScape players, 24 quests are available while paid members have access to more than 202. Likewise, there are over 41 minigames available to paid RuneScape players, while free players have access to 4. There are 27 skills available for paid memberships and 16 for free members. RuneScape paid members receive 2 Treasure Hunter Keys per day while free members only receive one. You also receive full access to armour and weapons, game world access, transport and navigation, and character customization, all of which are limited access for free players. There are some aspects of the game that are altogether only available to paid members, rather than just enhancements of existing benefits. For example, the Loyalty Programme is exclusive to members. Through the programme, the longer you are a member, the higher the rate at which you accrue points. You can then transform those points into a variety of different items that are available in Solomon’s General Store. You can choose to buy outfits, animations, or a variety of other items. Free players do not have access to the loyalty programme and subsequently, do not earn loyalty points. You also get 500 free bonus points just for signing up for the loyalty programme when you buy your RuneScape membership.

    So, there are many ways to sign up for a paid membership with RuneScape and while it is possible to play the game for free and would still be enjoyable, most gamers do choose to upgrade their membership since there are so many features, content, and other items that are only available to those gamers who have a paid membership. And with so many different membership packages, it is easy to find one that will work for you and your individual budget, particularly given that there are so many payment options available. For the low monthly cost, or through the even lower per month cost of a 3, 6, or 12 month membership, you can experience a great deal more content in gameplay as well as a variety of experiences only available to paid membership holders. With all that RuneScape has to offer, a membership will allow you to experience everything available to you as a gamer.

  • How Do RuneScape Levels Work and What are Elite Skills?

    Skills are an important part of play in RuneScape. Skills are the gamer’s abilities, displayed in varying degrees, throughout their gameplay and they impact a gamer’s ability to complete certain tasks efficiently. Those skills can be levelled up throughout their course of gameplay. You can train different skills through a variety of different actions related to that skill in order to get better at it. By training through a relevant action, you gain experience in the skill. By performing relevant actions, you can increase your skill by a certain number of experience points, giving that skill a boost.

    There are a total of 27 regular skills available to train on during your RuneScape gameplay. If you are a paying member, you have access to all 27 of those skills. If you are not a paid member, you have access to 16 of the 27 skills available. The skills available span a great number of areas of expertise. You can train on how to make fires, how to cook, make potions, or craft runes. Some skills work hand-in-hand with each other and help to complement one another during RuneScape gameplay. For example, the skill of firemaking can end up really complementing that of cooking as you may need to make a fire in order to cook food. As your level in each skill gets higher, you unlock more resources from that skill, which in turn helps to advance your gameplay.

    Getting to higher levels in your skills can mean that you now have advantages in various parts of RuneScape. RuneScape levels help to produce openings for you such as faster wood cutting. You may also find that training in specific skills can lead to making RS money. For example, if you are a skilled woodcutter, you may profit from selling logs that you cut. Of course, there are some skills that really are not intended to help you turn a profit at all. One thing to keep in mind when thinking about RuneScape levels and skills is that one of the leading causes of profit loss for many players comes from their lack of being able to get or make their own materials. So, if they do not have the skill to produce the material themselves, they must in turn pay for materials that were produced from another player who did have that skill level.

    Nearly every skill, with the exception of just one, starts at level 1. The only skill that does not start there is Constitution, which starts at a level 10. It starts there so that all players have some kind of advantage over monsters. Most skills can go all the way up to level 99, with the exception of a few. Both Invention and Dungeoneering can reach all the up to level 120. Once players do reach level 99 on those that stop there, they can still increase their experience total to up to 200,000,000. This simply means that the experience can continue to go up after level 99 is reached but there are no further levels achievable after 99. Other than virtual levels which go up to level 120. Your combat level begins at level 3 and the maximum level that is attainable here is 138. If you level up in a particular skill, you will hear a jingle play during your gameplay. That jingle is unique to that particular skill. It is possible to boost or lower your skill level temporarily through the use of certain equipment items.

    All skills fall into one of four categories of skills in RuneScape. The four categories are gathering, combat, artisan, and support. The skills that are available to those players who do not pay for their membership are Strength, Defense, Attack, Prayer, Magic, Constitution, Ranged, Mining, Crafting, Smithing, Cooking, Firemaking, Fishing, Woodcutting, Dungeoneering, and Runecrafting. If you are a member, you also have access to herblore, thieving, agility, fletching, farming, hunter, slayer, summoning, construction, invention, and divination.

    There are also elite skills in RuneScape. These skills require that two or more skills be at a certain level in order to start training them. These skills add to the player’s total experience and are displayed in the stats interface. Elite skills can range from 1 all the way up to 120 and they are not intended to replace existing skills. Rather, they are meant to be played right alongside other skills. One example of an elite skill is invention which requires that the gamer have a level of at least 80 in three different skills in order to train. Those three skills are Crafting, Divination, and Smithing. Elite skills have different requirements when it comes to rewards as well. They mandate double the amount of rewards to level up when compared to regular skills. And those experience rewards that only give fixed experience only give 50% of that fixed amount for elite skills.

  • How Do I Receive RuneScape 3 Gold if I Buy it Online?

    RuneScape gold is a major part of your gameplay as it allows you to purchase items and gear and can even help you level up in certain skills, all of which promote a faster progression in the game. So, you always want to make sure that you have enough RuneScape gold on hand. That being said, there are methods for buying RuneScape 3 gold online that can be very easy and convenient.

    When you set out to buy RuneScape gold online, it is important to make sure that you are choosing a reputable service provider. There are a couple of ways to ensure that you are picking a reliable provider. First, you should never have to enter your log-in credentials when using a service to buy RuneScape gold. If you are asked to enter your log-in information you should be aware that you are likely being scammed. Once you’ve entered that information, the hackers can use your log-in information to go into your account and steal whatever gold and valuables you have.

    By using, you can rest assured that your information will be kept safe, confidential, and secure. We offer a service that is unrivaled by all other providers on the internet. Not only do we guarantee to keep your information secure, but we offer a variety of other services that you won’t find elsewhere. We have the cheapest RuneScape coins for sale for when you are looking to buy RuneScape gold but we also offer the highest rates when you are looking to sell your RS gold, so you get the best deal possible in both instances. Our swapping rate is also the best you’ll find anywhere which means that if you need to move your gold from one RuneScape game to another, you can use our service to do so and feel assured that you got a great deal. We don’t waste any time in getting you the product you want since we offer immediate delivery as well as a variety of different payment methods. Our checkout is secure and you can rest easy that you won’t run the risk of being banned by Jagex. We have a zero-rate ban policy which means that no gamer who has used our service has been banned by Jagex as a result of any transaction with us.

    Once you choose to buy gold from, the process to purchase and receive it is quite simple. You receive the gold right in the game from us. First, you choose whether you play RuneScape 3 or Old School RuneScape. Then you simply enter the amount of gold you want to purchase as well as the character name to which the gold will be traded to. You checkout and choose your payment method, of which there are a number of available options for your convenience. Then, the last step is simply to meet in the game itself with the character you identified during the purchase process. The gold is traded over a face-to-face trade window in the game. We then confirm it's you that we're trading via the live chat window in the bottom right corner of our website. Once you confirm that it's you, we'll confirm the trade twice until you receive the RuneScape 3 Gold onto your account. You're then free to do what you want with your newly found RS 3 Gold!

  • Gold Making Guide for RuneScape Using Clue Scrolls

    If you are a RuneScape gamer, or want to be, you will need to know what clue scrolls are and how they can be useful to you, especially as it relates to making money in the game. The function of a clue scroll is to send a player on Treasure trails, which are a series of clues that ultimately lead to some form of buried treasure. That buried treasure depends on the clue scroll itself.

    There are a variety of ways to come across a clue scroll when playing RuneScape. They can be acquired as easily as having them dropped by certain monsters or you might stumble upon them when looting. You can purchase them or you can find them when pickpocketing. There are several different means by which you can come across RuneScape clue scrolls. However, you can only acquire a new clue scroll if you do not already have one of the same kind in your bank or inventory.

    So, you can acquire clue scrolls in various ways throughout your travels in RuneScape. Similarly, there are also different levels of difficulty for different clue scrolls. As the difficulty of a clue scroll increases, so do the rewards associated with it. There are four levels of difficulty. Once you finish the last clue you receive the reward. This is where some of the potential for money making with clue scrolls starts to take shape. There is always a chance, albeit a small one, that you could receive a rare item, even one worth millions of dollars, as a reward. This is why many players choose to play and finish Treasure Trails as a means of making RuneScape money. However, it is sometimes rare for money making to happen in this way in RuneScape. You could eventually end up finishing thousands of clues without ever receiving that coveted big reward.

    There is also quite a range in terms of the value associated with clue scroll rewards. The value of a clue scroll reward can range anywhere from 100 coins to well over 2 billion RuneScape coins depending on the clue scroll’s level of difficulty. Because of that potential to win a big reward, many RuneScape players get caught up in finishing a lot of clues in hopes they will be rewarded in a big way. The easy clue scrolls start at 100 coins and go all the way up to 2,500,000 RuneScape coins. That largest reward is only achievable if you acquire the suitcase. For medium clue scrolls, the lowest reward you are likely to win is a few thousand RuneScape coins and the largest is over 5,000,000 coins. Again, that largest reward is reserved for those players who acquire one particular item, in this case the ranger boots. For hard clue scrolls, you are again starting at a few thousand RuneScape coins as your baseline for a potential reward but the high-end reward in this range is 890,000,000. This larger balance is again only if you acquire one particular big item. In this case that big item is the Shadow Dye. Lastly, there are the elite clue scrolls which offer the biggest rewards. Here, again you start at around a few thousand coins to start but the big payoff in this category can be over 2,150,000,000 RuneScape coins. This would be if you received the Third-Age Dye. When thinking about rewards from clue scrolls, it is important to remember that you can only have in your possession one clue scroll from each category at a time.

    Even though it is not always the most advised method for making money in RuneScape, many players use clue scrolls to help build up their reserves. If you do this, remember that you could spend hours upon hours finishing clues without ever hitting the big-ticket reward. You may have to complete as many as a few hundred elite scrolls before ever getting a big balance reward. This can make this method of money making risky in that you are holding out for a very rare drop, one that is not guaranteed to even occur. If you do want to go that route, however, and look for the elite scrolls to try and earn one of those larger rewards, always keep in mind that mutated jadinkos are the best monster to kill if you are hoping to farm elite clue scrolls.

    Due to popularity, clue scrolls received a rework from Jagex in February 2018. This introduced a 'Master Clue Scroll' which is a new tier of difficulty and potential rewards.

    As a tip for completing RuneScape Clues, we recommend downloading the RuneScape Alt1 toolkit. Once installed, it places an interface over your RuneScape window and provides you with the answers to your clues, directions of where to go and puzzle solvers. It's a must-use for anybody farming clue scrolls in RuneScape. Additionally, you should always use meerkat familiars to help you find those peskily placed hidden chests.

  • Free RuneScape Money Making Guide Available Here

    If you play RuneScape, you know how critical it is to your game to have RuneScape gold available to you. As the in-game currency of RuneScape, gold really drives your progression through the game, and without it there is very little that you can accomplish. Much like the real-life economy, things just move faster and more efficiently through the game when you have enough gold to perform actions or buy what you need to successfully progress in the game. Many factors in your gameplay help to dictate how quickly you earn RS gold. For example, the better gear you have and the higher your skill level, the more likely you are to earn gold quickly when compared to someone who doesn’t have high skill levels or doesn’t have the best gear. Given how important RuneScape gold is to progression in the game, many players look for a RuneScape Money Making Guide, or something that will steer them in the direction toward making RS money fast. There are ways to earn gold fast or methods to get your hands on that coveted RuneScape money quickly and efficiently.

    Personal preference can be a key factor in determining how quickly you earn and get RS Money. Many gamers like to rely on killing to earn their RS3 gold while others prefer skilling. Both will earn you RS gold but how you earn that gold is really up to you and depends on which method you prefer. In both instances, you will need support from certain items or skills to be competitive and successful. That said, many of those items and skills require you to have RS 3 gold or to be on your way to earning RS gold.

    When using killing as your method of earning gold, it is important to have the skill levels recommended or required in order to perform the action. And for those kills that will earn you the most RS gold, you typically need to have pretty high scores in a number of different skills in order to be successful or to even be in a position to try to make the kill. For example, Killing Araxxi will earn you a great number of RuneScape coins. In fact, you can expect to profit 9,331,000 from this one action if you get a good drop. However, it isn’t necessarily as easy as it sounds and it can require that you have a great deal of experience behind you before you attempt the action. To start, you must have a certain skill level in six different skills in order to attempt this. So, more specifically, you have to have at least a 138 in Combat as well as a 96 each in both herblore and summoning. Then you also have to have a 95 in prayer, 90 in crafting and 92 in agility. These are not easily achievable numbers. In fact, they require that you have a good deal of experience as well as the right gear in order to move forward. So, while this method of killing will certainly get you a very good amount of gold, it isn’t a task that you can undertake immediately or easily. It takes time to get to the level that you can undertake this kind of action, which actually makes sense given the amount of profit you stand to earn if you are successful.

    It isn’t just killing that requires you have a great deal of experience. If you want to skill for your RuneScape 3 gold, you also need to be aware of the things you have to have in order before undertaking certain skills. You can craft mud runes and earn a profit of 4,078,000 but you have to have at least a 13 in Runecrafting, 82 in Magic, and a 93 in Summoning is recommended. Again, you have to document that you have the skill to achieve the skill and be successful. That comes with time and practice as well as patience as you build up your RS gold reserves.

    So, depending on your preference you can always earn gold in RuneScape, but you ultimately have to be prepared to spend time leveling skills first and you must be ready to take on the task of earning that profit. This can take time and patience to achieve. Some areas do require certain skills to even access, never mind being successful at them. The better the gear you have, the more monsters you are going to be able to kill and the faster you will be able to collect resources. Those resources are what will help you level again in the future which will in turn allow you to perform at yet a higher level and be able to achieve even more in the game of RuneScape.

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