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  • Can I Swap RuneScape 3 Gold for OSRS Gold?

    It is possible to swap your RuneScape 3 Gold for Old School RuneScape Gold. This action is referred to as gold swapping and can be used to swap currency in either of the RuneScape games, whether RS3 or OSRS to the other. Gold swapping is possible and is done pretty regularly. What you need to be most mindful of is choosing a trusted source to perform the swap for you. You should always make sure that you are using a reputable source when swapping out your RuneScape Gold and there are some tricks to make sure that you are using a service you can trust. Keep in mind that Jagex does not offer this service themselves so you are forced to work with a third party vendor. This proves why it is all that more important to ensure that you are using a source you can trust.

    RuneScape Gold swapping is a pretty straightforward service and works much the same way that a currency swap would occur in real-life. Once you find reputable service providers, you should check their swap rate against each other. So, for example, you may find that different vendors offer different swap rates. Where one might offer you 1M OSRS for every 6M RS3 coins, another might offer you a better deal. In any event, once you find a few reputable vendors that you would consider using, you should check their RuneScape swap rate and then decide from there which one you want to use.

    One thing to keep in mind when RS gold swapping online is to make sure that you are staying vigilant when it comes to looking out for scammers. Many sites will promise a great rate of swapping but will scam you into releasing your log-in credentials and then will steal whatever RS Money you do have in your account, as well as other items and valuables. You also cannot just trust any vendor that advertises on the RuneScape forums. Sometimes this is the best place for scammers to advertise their so-called services because they know that gamers are looking for ways to swap their RuneScape GP from one game to another. So, forums and other exchanges prove to be reliable places for scammers to find targets for their services.

    Many sites that offer RuneScape gold swapping will offer assistance throughout the process. There is also likely to be a chat service that pops up directly on the website so take advantage of talking to a live person and asking any questions you might have before going ahead and swapping your RS3 gold or OSRS Gold. If at any point you are asked to enter your log-in information, do not do so. You should not be asked for this information and if you are, it is likely the service you are using is going to try and scam you. Once they have your log-in credentials, they can do with it what they please which means that they can steal your existing RuneScape gold and never exchange your RuneScape coins. Find a reputable source, perhaps a service that another gamer/friend has used, to ensure that you are not being scammed.

    Lastly, the best way to know if you are being scammed is if the deal looks too good to be true. If the RS swap rate is just too high, you should be skeptical of the service. This is why it is wise to check a few rates before deciding on a vendor. Then, you will be able to pick out if one seems to just be too good to be true. If it does seem that way, it most likely is a scam and you should stay away from giving them any of your information.

    The way that a RS3 to OSRS Gold swap would normally occur is that you visit the RuneScape Gold Swap website, input your quantity of RS3 Gold that you want to swap. They'll offer you an OSRS Gold amount in return. If you choose to accept, you will meet the website's character in-game on RuneScape 3 and trade your agreed amount of RuneScape 3 Gold over. In return, you will then both log into Old School RuneScape and the website's character will trade you the respective OSRS Gold via a trade window. Once this is done, the RS Gold swap is complete!

  • Cheap OSRS Gold for Sale at

    As a RuneScape gamer, you know just how important it is to have RS gold at your disposal. It means that you are able to buy whatever you want or need in the game. It also means that you can kill and skill more efficiently and even potentially level up faster in certain skills. All of these things ultimately lead to you progressing through the game quicker which means that you can stay competitive with other gamers and friends alike. So, if OSRS GP is so critical to the game, you might start scheming up ways to make more of it so that you can continue to move through the game as effectively and quickly as possible.

    If you are looking to buy OSRS gold, you are going to find that there are a lot of vendors who want your business on the internet. You should be aware that not all OSRS gold sellers are the same. In fact, many of them, if not the vast majority, are Asian based sellers pretending to be American/English to get your business. You can often tell these apart if you talk to them via their live chat service as they will have broken English.

    Many of these Asian based OSRS Gold sellers ask you to enter your RuneScape log-in credentials onto their website. You can be pretty sure that their intentions are not good and in fact they are trying to steal whatever valuables you have on your account. By entering your log-in information, these hackers can go into your account and take whatever RS 07 gold, valuables, or other items you might have available. You should never give your log-in credentials to anyone. If you are asked to do so, you can be pretty confident that you are about to be scammed.

    If you are looking for a reputable source and one that you can be assured would never scam you, you should look no further than It is not just a quality service that you receive from us, but we offer a number of other features that you just won’t find with any other OSRS gold seller. We have by far the cheapest RuneScape coins on the market. We also offer great RS Gold swapping rates. Not only can you buy cheap OSRS Gold with us but you can also sell your RS2 Gold when you no longer want to play RuneScape or when you have an excess. We offer the best rates when selling your RS Money to us as well. Our swapping rates are unrivaled as well so if you ever want to change your OSRS Gold to RS3 Gold, we can you help you do that easily and seamlessly.

    In terms of the process of purchasing OSRS gold with us, we offer a system that is convenient and simple. We can guarantee immediate delivery so that you aren’t waiting for your RS coins once you’ve purchased them. If you are buying OSRS gold, it is most likely because you want it now and we understand that. So, you won’t be wasting time waiting for your OSRS Money. We offer multiple payment options for ease of purchase and our checkout is SSL secured. We also accept payment in all currencies and offer a zero-rate ban policy. This means that no one who has ever purchased from us has been banned by Jagex as a result of a transaction with us. Once you decide that you want to buy Old School RuneScape gold, you simply let us know in what game you want to purchase it, the amount you want to order and the character name to which you want it traded to. You then checkout and pay and we meet you in the game at an agreed location and trade your character the RuneScape 2007 Gold. We make the process as simple and discreet as possible, so that you can get your RS Gold 07 and continue playing.

  • Why Having an Abundance of RuneScape 3 Gold Will Enhance Your Game

    Similar to most gaming experiences, your gameplay in RuneScape will rely somewhat heavily on your ability to make and use the in-game currency as efficiently as possible. RuneScape gold, is crucial to your ability to advance in the game in a lot of different ways. This means it is vital to know how RuneScape 3 gold enhances your gameplay and how it plays such an integral role in your in-game character's progression.

    RuneScape 3 gold, also referred to as RS3 Gold, is a necessity in gameplay. If you have an abundance of RuneScape 3 gold you have the ability to buy the best gear available which means that you can kill and skill faster. You also have the ability to purchase things with your RS Gold such as in-game bonds, skills, and cosmetic goods. The maximum number of RS 3 Gold that you can have as a RuneScape gamer is 2,147,483,647 due to data storage limits. However, you can store actual RuneScape Coins in a variety of different places including in your inventory, money pouch, treasure chest, in the bank, and in prize chests located in your Player-Owned-House (PoH). If you find that you have such an abundance of RS3 gold that you are going to exceed the maximum amount, you can choose to invest your RS3 GP in discontinued items such as partyhats. Most discontinued items have a high market value and can turn a profit over time.

    Because RuneScape 3 gold is such a necessity in gameplay, many players have chosen to turn certain skills into a money-making endeavor for themselves. If you do turn a skill into profit-making method for yourself you need to first make sure that you have the skill level required to perform the action. For example, if you plan on killing Araxxor to turn a profit, you need to ensure that you have at least a skill level of 138 in combat, 96 in summoning (for Pack-Yak), 96 in herblore (for Overload potions), 95 in prayer (for Turmoil/Anguish/Torment curses), 90 in crafting, and 92 in agility. You also need to make sure that you bring all of the required items and high-level armour and weapons with you in order to fight Araxxor. Otherwise, you should be prepared to die very easily. And with this particular example, you have to complete all four stages of Araxxor before leaving in order to get the loot. However, this particular endeavor, should you choose to use it to make RuneScape money, can prove incredibly profitable. It can score huge profits for RuneScape gamers that are familiar with the mechanics of this boss. There are four stages of the fight with Araxxor. The first and fourth states do not ever change. The other two stages, 2 and 3, do change depending on the paths that are available and during the first 3 stages, you are fighting Araxxor. During that final stage 4 is when you fight the final stage of Araxxor. This method can earn up to 6M RuneScape GP an hour, or even more if you get spider leg drops.

    It is important to know how to earn RuneScape 3 gold because you want to be able to spend it in the most efficient ways possible. You can use your RS3 gold to buy in-game bonds. These bonds are items within the game that can be redeemed for a variety of things including Treasure Hunter Keys, membership time, auras and items in Solomon’s General Store. You can also improve your skill level by purchasing the necessary materials to power level your way through to the master cape. For example, if you buy Silverhawk feathers and Silverhawk boots, you can earn easy Agility XP concurrently whilst training other skills. Because RS 3 gold is so crucial to the game, you should be mindful of earning it as efficiently as possible and then spending it carefully.

    If you ever find that you have an abundance of RuneScape 3 gold and wish to sell RuneScape 3 Gold, visit our page to receive a real-time quote on how much real-life money we can pay for them.

  • Which Website Delivers RSGP the Fastest for RuneScape?

    RuneScape gold is a crucial component to any player’s gameplay. It drives your ability to move forward and progress through the game. So naturally many gamers want to know the quickest methods to earn or get RS gold so that they can continue staying competitive with other gamers, friends and clan members. Many of the methods used in the game to earn RSGP can take a good deal of time and that might not be time that you have readily available to dedicate to gaming. That said, there are shortcuts to getting your hands on cheap RuneScape gold, the quickest of which is to simply buy RS gold from a distributor. That said, not all RuneScape Gold selling websites are legit. You have to be on the lookout for any distributors that might be trying to scam you.

    There is no shortage of websites looking for your business when it comes to selling you cheap RuneScape gold. However, many of them are simply scams under the guise of a distributor. You need to find a reputable distributor from which to buy your RS GP from and the best one available is for a number of reasons. Not only can you trust us to deliver you the RuneScape GP that you purchase in a timely manner, but we offer a number of other attractive features that you simply won’t find with any other websites.

    Our delivery of your RuneScape gold is immediate so there is no waiting around to get the RS gold you have purchased. We also offer the best buying and selling rates that you will not find anywhere else. And this doesn’t just apply to the cheapest RuneScape coins but we also offer the best rates when buying RS Money back or when gold swapping from RS3 to OSRS Gold, or vice versa. So, if you decide that you want to move your RSGP from one game to another, or you want to sell them altogether, we will offer you the best rates for both of those actions as well.

    Our checkout process is also very simple. Not only do you get immediate delivery of the RS3 gold or OSRS Gold that you have purchased, but we offer several options for payment. We accept all currencies as well as a variety of payment options. Our checkout is always secure with thanks to our SSL certificate. Our delivery takes place immediately after in-game. Basically you tell us how much RS gold you want and in what version of the game, what your character name is and then we meet your character in-game face-to-face and then initiate a trade request. Through this trade window we input the amount of RS GP you have bought and trade the RuneScape GP directly to your account.

    In summary, our customer service is unrivaled, we have the best rates on swapping, buying and selling, offer a variety of payment options and you don’t have to fear being scammed. We are always available for questions or feedback and want to make sure that you experience the easiest purchase of RuneScape gold as possible. But that is not all. Finally, we also offer and support a zero-ban policy. This essentially means that no gamer has ever been banned by Jagex for a transaction that was performed with us. So, you can rest assured that you also don’t stand the risk of being banned from playing RuneScape in the future. If you want cheap RS gold and you want a quick and convenient checkout process, you need to buy your RS coins from

  • Which is the Best Website to Buy RS3 Gold From?

    You won’t find a shortage of websites that want to sell you RuneScape Gold. If you do a quick search online, you will find more than enough websites looking for your business. The challenge lies in finding one that you can trust and that will offer you the service you want for the price you want to spend. There are a number of reasons why is the very best option for all of your RS Gold buying needs.

    At we offer many things that you won’t find with other service providers. To start, our prices of cheap RuneScape Gold are unrivaled. We simply offer both the cheapest RS coins and the best gold swapping rates so whether you are buying or selling RuneScape gold, you are getting the best deal possible with us. And we update all of our rates on a regular basis, sometimes as frequently as every day. On the other side, we also offer the highest buying rates of unwanted RS3 gold or OSRS Gold. So, if you want to sell RuneScape gold to us, you will get top dollar for it and if you are on the other end and want to buy RS gold, then we offer the cheapest selling rates around. We sell billions of RuneScape coins a day so we are always in need of increased stock. This works to your benefit as we will pay top dollar for your unwanted RuneScape GP because we need it to sell to other customers looking to buy RuneScape Gold. There are no hidden fees when you purchase or sell with us. The quote you get from us is what you will receive in cash when you sell us your RSGP. Likewise, you will only ever pay the price you see when you buy cheap RS Gold from us. We do not pad our rates with hidden fees to make more money or offer you extra 'free RuneScape Gold'. We are as transparent as possible with all of our customers.

    Not only do our rates speak for themselves, but we also offer immediate delivery. There is no waiting around for your Old School RuneScape Gold or your RS3Gold. We know that your time is valuable and if you are buying Gold RS from us it is probably because you want to spend it immediately in-game. You won’t find a vendor that is quicker than us. We also offer a unique security during checkout. Our checkouts are secure and you can use a variety of different payment options. So, there is always a payment option that will work for you. Lastly, our in-game delivery is very discreet and is unsuspecting by Jagex. You do not run the risk of being banned because we have a zero-rate ban policy. That means that none of our customers have ever been banned from Jagex because of a purchase or sale that they made with us. You can rest assured that your gameplay and the valuables you have in your game will remain safe after you’ve done business with

    Lastly, and perhaps more importantly, is the fact that we offer unprecedented customer service. We are always available for every one of your questions or concerns and because you are always able to speak with an agent, it means that the process is smooth and quick for you. We know that you are spending time finding a vendor and we want to be able to work with you as quickly as possible so that you can buy RS3 Gold and get back to playing RuneScape. We make the process as quick and effortless as possible.

    Because you will get your RS Gold immediately from us after your purchase, you will be able to immediately spend it. That means buying the gear you need to kill and skill more efficiently. It also means that you could level up your skills quicker which means that overall you can progress through the game even faster. Don’t wait to purchase your RS 3 Gold or RS2Gold. You can trust for all of your RuneScape buying and selling needs. Don’t waste any more time looking for another vendor. We have everything you need at the absolute best rates possible!

  • Which is the Best RuneScape Bot and How Does it Work?

    In RuneScape, a bot is a computer controlled player used to achieve something specific in the game, mostly the easier tasks that players don’t want to dedicate time to completing. For example, bots can be used to raise skill levels or make RSGP. You may also hear a bot referred to as an auto or macro, as bots are often referred to by other names. For the most part, bots in RuneScape are typically categorized into one of two different groups. They are the Skillers and the Killers. As you can tell from the names, that is because bots are used primarily for working on skills or for killing monsters. Some of the specific tasks for bots also include RuneScape gold farming, completing quests or collecting resources such as wood, ore or energy. While bots can seem really useful when playing the game, using bots within RuneScape is typically frowned upon, especially by the most skilled and dedicated players who actually invest their own personal time. These players view the usage of bots as cheating, especially if they themselves have put in a lot of work into the game performing the tasks that other gamers use bots to complete.

    The appeal to using bots in RuneScape is that they often can accomplish tasks much faster and more efficiently than humans can by actually playing the game. Bots can be programmed to perform nearly any task in RuneScape. They are most often used for completing tasks that are too mundane for players to work on in the game themselves. The skills RuneScape bots are most often used for include collecting a certain item, quickly typing something (for advertising certain services) or training for a particular skill.

    To make proper use of a bot, a macro tool needs to be used to control the game by giving it the appropriate inputs. This means that the bot needs to be able to interpret and plan its next action much the same way that a player would when playing RuneScape. In most cases, the bot is either reflection-coded or colour-coded.

    Jagex has implemented updates in the past that have significantly decreased the number of bots being used in the game. There is also a continuous discussion that surrounds how the use of bots impacts the economy in RuneScape. Some gamers, probably those who like to use bots, will argue that the usage of bots prove beneficial for the game because they perform tasks that no one really wants to work on in the game. However, the majority of RuneScape players would argue the opposite of this and say that bots sell a lot of resources in the game which makes the overall price of those resources drop, having a detrimental effect on the overall economy of the game. Users who are playing without the aid of bots are negatively impacted because they are working to make the RS money to buy items with. Therefore, they are dedicating more time to the game to earn their RuneScape Coins and sell their items but this can be undercut by other players using bots that are doing the same action.

    Using bots might seem really appealing when playing RuneScape, primarily because they take away many of the mundane tasks that you probably don’t want to spend time working on in the game. However, the use of bots is very much frowned upon by gamers and by Jagex, mostly because it takes something away from the players that do not use them. If you are a player that dedicates your time to personally completing all of those rather tedious, but ultimately necessary tasks, you might think that using bots should be considered cheating.

    It must be stated that using RuneScape bots is not easy, nor without its punishments from Jagex. If you are caught by Jagex for using macros or bots, you will receive a permanent ban which means you will no longer be able to use your account at all and cannot appeal this ban. So, for those asking "Can I get banned for using a RuneScape bot?", the short answer is yes. Jagex used to be more lenient when it came to bots as most of these were paid members which meant money in the pocket of Jagex as a company. However, since the infamous "nuke day", thousands of bots were banned and a dedicated Jagex employee was assigned to tackling botting and it seems to have worked.

    People who now want to cheat on RuneScape and bot have to jump through loops in order to use bots. Consequently, bot farms are now much tougher to run. People who want to create a RuneScape bot farm will now have to invest in a VPN and multiple IP Addresses. This is so that if one of your bots is caught, that there isn't a chain banning to all your other RuneScape accounts on the same IP Address. As you can imagine, VPN's and additional IP Addresses cost money. That combined with having to buy RuneScape membership to run the best RuneScape botting scripts makes the proposition of creating a RS botting farm less attractive. Additionally, running multiple bots on your PC or laptop is undoubtedly hurting the longevity of your device's life cycle.

  • Where Can I Buy OSRS Gold from and How do I Pay?

    If you do a quick search of websites that are willing to sell you Old School RuneScape Gold, you will find no shortage of them. There is a huge market of vendors who want to make money by selling you OSRS gold. However, not all of these vendors are providing the best service and it is important to know what to look for when choosing a vendor from which to buy OSRS Gold.

    If you want to buy Old School RuneScape Gold, you want to find a reputable distributor that you can trust. The best place to buy OSRS gold is hands down and there are a number of reasons why this site provides the best service for the price.

    If you are looking to buy OSRS gold, you won’t find cheaper RuneScape coins than with our site. Not only do we start by offering the best rates but we also do not pad our rates with hidden fees. The total for your purchase is the bottom line. You won’t find that we tack on a bunch of secret fees later on in the transaction during the checkout stage. We are as transparent as we can be with our rates.

    In addition to selling cheap OSRS Gold, we also offer the best RuneScape Gold swapping rates. So, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of selling all of your RuneScape gold from one version of the game only to then have to go buy all of your RS gold for the other version of the game, we offer a gold swapping service. For an exchange rate fee, we will actually meet up with you in both games and ensure that the transaction of your RuneScape gold is made efficiently and quickly. And because we do so right in the game, you are witness to the transaction yourself and can see exactly what is taking place. We don’t ask you for you log-in credentials the way that many scamming sites do.

    Our competitive rates don’t just end with our cheap OSRS Gold or our swapping rates. We also offer the highest buying rates of unwanted RS3 gold or OSRS Gold. So, if you’ve decided that you no longer want to play RuneScape, or you simply have unwanted RuneScape GP that you want to sell for cash, we offer the very best rates around to sell OSRS gold. Gold is always in demand and in order for us to keep up with our customers that are looking to buy RuneScape gold, we have to maintain our inventory and therefore, we need to buy RS gold from customers who are looking to sell it.

    Aside from our rates with buying, selling and gold swapping, we offer a variety of other features that will make your experience with us a positive one. We offer immediate delivery so that you are never waiting for your RuneScape 3 gold or Old School RuneScape Gold. We know that if you are looking to purchase RSGP, you want to receive it so you can then go play the game. And likewise, if you are trying to sell it, you most likely want the cash right away. We offer immediate delivery on all of our services so that you aren’t left waiting for anything. Our checkouts are always secure and you can pay through a variety of different payment options, making the transaction as easy and convenient as possible for you. We accept all currencies and you can pay with PayPal, Skrill, Maestro, Diners, JCB, PaySafeCard, Visa, iDeal, Amex, BiCoins, and bank transfer. Lastly, our process is discreet so that you don’t have to fear being banned from RuneScape in the future. We have a zero-ban policy which means that none of our customers have been banned by Jagex as a result of their transactions with us.

    If you are looking to purchase or sell OSRS gold, you won’t find a better or more reputable provider than And if you are looking to buy, you want to make sure you are able to do so quickly so you can use your RS GP to help advance your game. So, start the transaction now for immediate delivery of your RS Money. Then, you can purchase the items or gear you need and you can start leveling up in your skills.

  • What Jagex does to Remove RS Gold from the RuneScape Economy

    The RuneScape economy functions similarly to the real-life economy in several ways. In order to combat the inflation that is inevitable, Jagex has created money, or gold, sinks. They do this through a variety of different ways. A sink is a method used by Jagex to remove money and items from the RuneScape system in order to prevent inflation, and subsequently keep items at a price that is consistently moderate. There are a number of ways that RuneScape players get raw materials, such as through fishing, mining and woodcutting. These activities then create consistent amounts of money that flow into the RuneScape economy each and every day. Money sinks are just a way for Jagex to keep the money that is being generated in the economy from creating inflation that is not necessary and is not wanted.

    There are essentially two different types of sinks created and used by Jagex. One is an item sink and the other is a money sink. Money sinks serve to remove coins from the game while item sinks remove items. Money sinks were intended to work much better than they actually do. There are a number of examples of money sinks in the RuneScape game. To start, bonds are used as a sink by requiring that money be converted to tradeable items. Another example is that players have to pay a “reclaim fee” to death. Certain pieces of armour are also required to be repaired regularly. This is used as a functional money sink as well. Some pieces of armour that degrade pretty regularly and therefore require upkeep include Nex armours, Chaotic equipment and Barrows armour. Not only do these pieces require pretty regular maintenance but they also take a decent amount of money to repair as well.

    There are also several item sinks at play in RuneScape. For example, the skill invention is often used as an item sink since a large part of the skill involves taking apart items into various parts that are used in the skill. Vis wax is another example of an item sink since it requires a big number of runes. Lastly, there are a number of rechargeable weapons that are used as item sinks since they consume something. These include staff of darkness, strykebow, hydrix, lava whip, and polypore staff.

    There is a pretty constant inflation in the RuneScape economy which substantiates how ineffective the money sinks are in the game. Players often also think of money sink skills as being a waste of their time or otherwise unrewarding for the time being spent on them. Additionally, many updates put in place by Jagex have reversed some of the methods they had put in place in the past, which basically means that they have done a lot of work to simply reverse much of the work they had done previously. Many of the methods of money sinks are also very unpopular with RuneScape gamers or are only available to players at a higher level or to paying members rather than the gamers that take advantage of the free gameplay option.

    There is also a very innovative and unique way that Jagex uses their sinks. This is most evidenced through the Well of Goodwil, a well-known item sink, which is found outside of the main entrance to the Grand Exchange. Here, any tradeable items, money, or bonds can be donated. Those donations are given to real-life charities chosen by Jagex. So the well functions as a sink to keep the RuneScape economy going strong but it also serves a greater purpose which can often make players feel better about the process, since they are choosing what to forfeit and what to give to the charity. Prior to November of 2013, ever 10,000,000 coins donated equaled $1 donated to charity. After November of 2013, that same number of coins would mean $2 was donated. And for every bond that is donated at the Well of Goodwill, $4.70 is donated to charity. For those gamers that choose to donate, they don’t just receive the feeling of contributing to the greater good. Rather, there are 5 titles that can be awarded to gamers who donate amounts of coins or items to the Well of Goodwill. The five titles are the Wishful, the Generous, the Millionaire, the Charitable, and the Billionaire. Donations do carry over across opening periods which means that titles can be earned over time as the player continues to donate. There have been a total of five openings, which essentially means that there have been 5 separate periods of time where players could donate to the Well of Goodwill. And there were a variety of different charities that received donations through Jagex. Some of those charities include Hart, SpecialEffect, Willow, Action For Kids, and several others.

  • Benefits of having Millions of RS 07 Gold in Old School RuneScape

    Having a good amount of RS 07 Gold can be really crucial to succeeding in your RuneScape gameplay for a number of reasons. There are several ways that having RS gold can help you progress in the game faster and can keep you competitive with other gamers. And if you want to move quickly through the game, you want to get that RS07 gold as fast as you can.

    First, once you have a lot of RuneScape gold, you of course can buy the most coveted items available in the game. For RuneScape, the rarest and therefore, most coveted items are of course Christmas crackers and partyhats, both of which are incredibly rare to find and also very expensive. Without a lot of RS 07 gold at your disposal, you will never be able to get your hands on either. Having a partyhat often gives you a sense of nobility in RuneScape and if you can find one, you want to be able to purchase it. So, if one crosses your path, you want to make sure you have the RS2Gold available on the spot to buy it. Other rare, yet expensive items, include dragon armour and various weapons, godswords, other discontinued items, and high end gear. Along with that high end gear comes one of the other many functions of having a lot of RS 07 Gold. With a lot of OSRS Money, you can often buy the items you need to level up your skills faster, rather than spending time on slower, more mundane processes. You can also kill and skill better and progress through the game faster when you have more RS gold at your disposal.

    If you have other demands on your personal time, you can’t be spend all of your personal time leveling up in RuneScape or taking the slower methodical ways of getting through the game. So if you are looking to work through the game faster, the best way to do that is to have RuneScape gold available to you when you need it. If you are looking to purchase RuneScape gold, the best vendor on the internet is We offer not only the best rates but the best service on the internet. We will get you the cheapest RuneScape coins so that you aren’t breaking the bank and we will assure you that the process to receive those OSRS GP will be as simple and effortless as possible. We accept all currencies and a wide range of payment methods so that you can always find a payment method that works for you. We also deliver your OSRS Gold immediately. So, you aren’t going to have to waste time waiting around to receive your RS gold.

    Unique to, aside from the many features already outlined, is our zero-ban policy which highlights that we have never had a player get banned by Jagex for a transaction they had with us. So, not only do we make the process as easy as possible but you can also rest assured that you aren’t putting your ability to play RuneScape at risk for the future. Through buying RS 07 Gold through us at, you are guaranteed an easy and safe transaction and you are able to get the RSGold you need as quickly as possible. Then you can use your new RS2Gold to level up, kill and skill better, and purchase the items and gear you need to be successful in the game. And if you have drains on your personal time as it is, you can move quicker through the game by buying RuneScape Gold instead of having to invest hours upon hours into the game.

  • What does RuneScape OSRS GP Stand for?

    RuneScape is one of the most popular browser games on the market and it has been for quite some time now. It is a very simple game to join and is available to nearly anyone, or at least anyone who has a reliable connection to a browser. Given its easy access to play, it is no wonder RuneScape gained popularity so easily and has maintained it for so long. There are several different names for Old School RuneScape (OSRS) and because the game has been in existence for so long, it is pretty common for gamers to get confused over the many different names used to refer to RuneScape overall, especially if you are fairly new to the game.

    Because there are so many different names used to refer to RuneScape, there are subsequently many different names used to refer to the versions of gold used in each game. OSRS simply refers to Old School RuneScape and GP just refers to gold pieces, which are the in-game currency used in RuneScape. Gold is a crucial part of the game, particularly because it helps players progress as efficiently and quickly through the game as possible and most actions taken in the game need to be supported in some way through gold. You can use RS gold to level up in skills and subsequently master them faster. You can purchase gear that you need or coveted discontinued items. You can also purchase items that might help you skill and kill faster. All of these options require the use of gold and with them, you are able to progress through the game much faster and at a more efficient pace than if you didn’t have gold at your disposal.

    Because RuneScape OSRS GP is so important to the gameplay of RuneScape, it is important to understand just how it can be used in the game. One of the most crucial ways to use gold is as purchasing power to get what you need in the game. Now that the grand exchange is available, it is easier than ever to purchase the exact item that you need or want. Through the use of the grand exchange, you can simply look for the item you want and then purchase it with your in-game currency. Before the days of the grand exchange, you would actually have to find someone in the game that was selling the exact item that you wanted to buy. Obviously, this could prove rather challenging given that not everyone would always be selling what you were looking to buy. And so you would often have to go without what you needed unless you were able to time your purchase perfectly with someone who was selling what you wanted. Because of the inconvenience of this system, most trades were not even done within the game itself. So, many trades were actually performed in the RS Forums instead. Now that the grand exchange is available, it is much easier to just purchase what you need or want by using your OSRS gold.

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