Can I Get Banned for Buying RuneScape Gold?

The in-game currency for RuneScape, RS Gold, is a crucial part of any player’s gameplay. Having RS Gold can only help your chances of advancing in the game whether through leveling up in skills, or being able to purchase items that help you skill and kill better. That said, you may want to increase how much RS Gold you have and you may not want to wait to do so. So, you might be considering buying RuneScape Gold. Many gamers feel nervous about buying RS gold because of the hype surrounding repercussions from Jagex if you get caught buying RS Gold. However, that fear might be unwarranted.

There is actually quite minimal risk involved in buying or selling RuneScape Gold. Jagex cannot possible prove with 100% surety that you are buying or selling RuneScape Gold for real life money. The transaction of buying or selling in exchange for real-life money is known as Real-World Trading and that is what is not allowed by Jagex. Because Jagex cannot prove it beyond a doubt, they would have to start banning players based solely on suspicion. If they started doing that, there would be more players than not that would end up being banned, which Jagex could never afford to let happen. It would mean that those banned players would no longer be playing RuneScape and therefore would no longer be paying for their RuneScape membership. It would be an undertaking that Jagex would simply not be able to afford. They just would never be able to sustain the loss in profit.

Given the loss in profit that Jagex could sustain if they banned all players who engaged in a suspicious transaction, it is in the best interest of Jagex to make sure they are not banning many players. Instead, they use a scare tactic in the hopes that it is effective enough to prevent gamers from selling and buying RuneScape Gold for real-life money. That scare tactic is basically to threaten players with getting their account banned and subsequently losing all of their progress in the game, as well as the items and gold in their possession in the game. By scaring players in this way, Jagex hopes that they do not have players engaging in Real-World Trading (RWT). By scaring players out of engaging in Real-World Trading, Jagex is hoping that gamers will instead buy treasure hunter keys to subsequently open treasure trail chests to make money and level up quicker via lamps and prismatic stars. While that is the goal of Jagex, it is obviously more cost efficient, as a player, to buy RuneScape gold. And this is why Jagex doesn’t want gamers to do so. In the end, Jagex loses out on some profits if gamers are buying RS3 gold or OSRS Gold through websites like ourselves.

Buying RS gold is definitely the most cost-efficient choice for you as a gamer. Firstly, you can choose the exact amount of RS3 Gold or OSRS Gold you want to buy and receive. Compared to buying treasure hunter keys, you are chancing your luck against stacked odds of finding a valuable item in a chest. Buying RuneScape gold is cheaper and you are guaranteed to receive a set amount to then do what you want with. Secondly, if you get fed up of the game, or manage to kill a boss that drops a valuable item, you can then later sell RuneScape gold back to us to recuperate some of your money invested into the game! For you as the gamer, it is a win-win to purchase RS gold. That being said, even though it is the most cost-efficient option for getting your hands on RuneScape gold, it also can be risky if you aren’t extra careful in choosing your supplier. You want to make sure that you use a reliable source, such as ours, to purchase your RuneScape gold. There are several websites out there that pretend to be from the United Kingdom or United States, when in fact, they're from Asia and you end up having a hard time communicating with them to get your due RuneScape 3 Gold or Old School RuneScape Gold.

Using our service ensures a zero ban policy, meaning that no gamer who has ever used our services has been banned by Jagex.

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