Can I Buy RuneScape Names?

If you are new to RuneScape gaming, you may have some questions about character names and how to get them. The character name associated with your RuneScape game is known as the display name. It is how your name as the player is displayed on all of the website features. This could include forums and Hiscores as well as how your name is displayed in the game itself. It is not the same thing as your username as this is just what you use to log into the game and its features. The username is determined upon signing up for the game and it cannot be changed. Starting back in October of 2009, it became possible for RuneScape members to change their display name to something other than their username. The username is something that cannot be changed and is often your registered email address. Your RuneScape Name (RSN) is seen in-game by other players and is used to add a user as a friend.

You can change your display name but only if you are a member of RuneScape. To do so, you go to the Account Management section of the game and simply select the ‘Change your display name’ option. You then choose the name you want for your character. Of course, there are your typical restrictions on which names you can choose. They are the pretty standard restrictions such as the name cannot be in use by another RS member or have been in used by another member in the last 35 days, it can’t exceed 12 characters, and it can’t include ‘mod’ anywhere in it. This is just a couple of the restrictions on choosing a new display name.

There are other options as well. It is possible to buy RuneScape names through other vendors on the internet and through forums such as Sythe. Of course buying RuneScape names online can be a gamble, as with purchasing anything online. You don’t necessarily have a mechanism to ensure that the other party will stay good on their deliverables, in this case the RuneScape name you want. There is a good deal of appeal to buying RuneScape names since those names that are rare can be worth millions, some even billions depending on how rare they are. There are different things that determine the rarity of a name. For example, those RuneScape names that have fewer characters are typically rarer. Other rare names include those that coincidentally spell something or match another word.

The last option for getting your hands on RuneScape names is through inactive users. So, if a RuneScape user is inactive for a certain period of time, their name will become available as a possible display name when Jagex decide to release unused and aged character names every year. If the account hasn’t been logged into in the last year, has no RuneScape skills of level 30 or above, and hasn’t been used to purchase membership time, then the display name may become available. This is a method used to free up more RuneScape display names for active users to take.

If you have already changed your RuneScape name once within 28 days, then you can change it again within these 28 days, but it will cost you. The cost of this service is 1 bond. These RuneScape bonds can be bought in-game or with real-life cash. In today's economy of RuneScape 3 these bonds are worth 14.6M each.

If you're awaiting a RuneScape name release by Jagex and have your eye on a specific RSN, then be sure to have the RuneScape name change page up and ready when you know Jagex are going to release the name. We say this because we know for a fact that many of these users who buy and sell RuneScape names have a bot set up to 'snipe' certain rare names. This bot constantly refreshes the name change page and inputs rare names and checks their availability and takes them when they become free. Afterwards, the bot owner sells these rare RuneScape names on forums such as Sythe for real-life money or RS Gold.

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