Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I Buy RuneScape Gold?
  2. How to Sell RuneScape Gold to you?
  3. Do you Swap RuneScape Gold between RS3 and OSRS?
  4. What is your speed of delivery for RuneScape GP?
  5. Are you the best website to buy RS Gold from?
  6. Do you sell RS Gold to my country and in my currency?
  7. What payment methods do you accept for RSGP?
  8. What is the process after I've placed an RS order?
  9. Will you sponsor my RuneScape related videos or stream?
  10. What is your refund policy?
  11. How can I contact you for support?

1. How Do I Buy RuneScape Gold?

Buying RuneScape Gold from ourselves is an extremely easy process. Throughout the buying process we offer a step-by-step guide and understanding of what you’re doing and why.

In order for us to transfer the RS3 Gold or OSRS Gold from our account to yours, we simply meet your character in-game and send you the agreed RSGP through a trade window.

Upon confirmation of your RS order and payment being completed, our website will provide you with the information on where to meet in-game, with who and on what world. All you need to do is log into the game, meet us at that world and location, and we’ll initiate the trade request with your character to send you your RS Gold.

In addition to this, as soon as your RS order is completed, a live chat conversation will automatically be opened between our gold delivery team and yourself. This is so that if any further assistance is required, they can be there to talk you through the process step-by-step until you receive your RS money.

If you would like support before or after your RS order, feel free to talk to our 24/7 customer support team in real-time via our live chat support window.

2. How to Sell RuneScape Gold to you?

In addition to selling RuneScape Gold, we also buy it from our customers!

Maybe you’re fed up of the game and want to recuperate some of the money and time invested into it, or you simply have a surplus amount of RuneScape GP, then we can buy those RuneScape coins from you for real-life money!

You can choose to sell OSRS gold here or sell RS3 Gold here.

Our system will automatically guide you through the selling process and provide you with a quote in real-time on how much money we can offer you for your unwanted RuneScape 3 Gold or Old School RuneScape Gold.

If you are happy with the price quoted for your RS3 GP / OSRS GP, then upon receipt of your sell RuneScape gold request, an email will be sent to us along with a live chat conversation being initiated between ourselves.

Our RuneScape Gold procurement team will liaise with you in order to meet in-game to trade the gold from your account to ours. As soon as we receive the RuneScape gold for sale, payment will be immediately disbursed to your chosen PayPal account via the ‘friends and family’ option, so that you don’t incur any unnecessary payment processing fees. Thus, retaining 100% of your due payment.

Click here to begin the sell RuneScape gold process!

3. Do you Swap RuneScape Gold between RS3 and OSRS?

Yes, we swap RuneScape Gold! Whether you’re choosing to go from RS3 to OSRS Gold, or OSRS to RS3 Gold, we offer very generous swapping rates that will save you time and money compared to selling the RS gold and buying it back on your preferred version of RuneScape.

To see how much RuneScape GP we can offer you for your current RuneScape version and quantity of gold, please visit our RuneScape Gold Swap page here.

If you’re happy with the swap rate offered, then a live chat conversation will immediately be initiated between ourselves to start the process. Firstly, we will meet you in-game on your current version of RuneScape (e.g. RS3) and you will send us the agreed RSGP via trade window. As soon as this trade is completed, we will both switch to your preferred version of RuneScape (e.g. OSRS) to meet in-game once again and trade over the agreed RS GP for that version of the game to you. RS Gold Swap Complete!

4. What is your speed of delivery for RuneScape GP?

Speed of service is paramount to our reputation. As you can see from our feedback, we have a 100% customer satisfaction rating from over 150 independent reviews.

We thoroughly believe this is because of our average 2-minute delivery speed timer!

The very moment that your RS order is received, our system automatically connects you with our specialised delivery team via a live chat window in the bottom-right corner of our website. They will liaise with you to arrange a meeting point in-game and guide you through the process until you receive your RS money.

5. Are you the best website to buy RS Gold from?

Ever since our establishment in 2011, Buy RuneScape Gold has grown exponentially and is now known as the go-to website to buy, swap or sell RuneScape gold to.

We firmly believe that our cheap RS gold, combined with a 2-minute average delivery timer, 24/7 customer support and secure multinational payment methods makes us the best website to buy RS gold from.

Buoyed by our 100% customer feedback score, we are confident that choosing to buy from will be the best decision you will make.

6. Do you sell RS Gold to my country and in my currency?

With thanks to our economies of scale, Buy RuneScape Gold is a multinational business that has sold to customers in over 145 countries worldwide!

No matter your location or currency, we will have a payment option available to you.

In the top right corner of our website is a currency converter that will allow you to see how much your selected quantity of RuneScape Gold will cost in your chosen currency. However, if your currency is not there, please do not worry. As we use PayPal and Skrill, two of most recognised worldwide payment processors, we are able to accept ALL currencies available from every country in the world!

7. What payment methods do you accept for RSGP?

As we understand that our customers and RuneScape players are located across the globe, we have implemented two of the industry leading payment processors into our website – PayPal and Skrill.

They allow you to checkout as a guest, with no account needed, and pay directly with your chosen credit or debit card, ranging from; VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express (AMEX), JCB or Diners Club.

Additionally, we accept the most popular national payment methods too. Those are; PaySafeCards, iDeal, Giropay, Sofort, Poli, PostePay, PayPal Balance, Skrill Balance, and many more!

To see the payment methods available specifically to you, simply reach the checkout and billing stage where all our available options will be displayed.

8. What is the process after I've placed an RS order?

As soon as your order has been received and payment cleared, our website will immediately send you an order confirmation via email and an on-screen notification of where to go in-game and on what world to meet with our RuneScape character. In addition to this, a live chat conversation will be initiated between our specialised gold delivery team and yourself to assist with the delivery process. Just in case there’s any questions and for ease of delivery.

As soon as we have traded your character, simply accept the trade request and we will input your chosen amount of RuneScape 3 Gold or RuneScape 2007 Gold into the trade window. You simply have to press accept and accept again on the confirmation window.

The very moment that this trade is complete, your RuneScape character will be accredited with the full amount of RuneScape GP that you have chosen to buy. Now it’s time for you to buy those rare items and levels!

9. Will you sponsor my RuneScape related videos or streams?

Absolutely! Simply visit our RuneScape Sponsorship page here and we will inspect your channel to see whether you meet our requirements before providing you with an exclusive tracking link and discount code for your viewers.

By being one of our sponsors entitles you to earn 10% commission of any sale you bring to our website. This commission can be redeemed as real-life money or RS Gold!

10. What is your refund policy?

In an unlikely case that your RS order has gone undelivered, then we have more than likely already tried to contact you via email or live chat to re-arrange delivery.

Firstly, we will always try to resolve any issues so that we can fulfil your order as promised. However, if you would still like a refund, then we would process it immediately upon request and the payment will be reversed into the account that you paid with.

If we’re still unable to contact you to arrange delivery after the 7th day of your order, we will automatically refund your order and asked to place a new order if you would still like to buy RS Gold.

Once your RS3 GP or RS07 Gold has been delivered, there are no refunds available thereafter. If you would like to regain some of the money invested in your RuneScape coins, then we are able to offer you a price for selling them here.

11. How can I contact you for support?

If you’re ever in need of support regarding our website, how to buy RuneScape Gold, or any other general enquiries, then feel free to contact us via the Contact Page.

Alternatively, we can be emailed directly at or via live chat in the bottom right-hand corner of the website.

We aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours. Thank you!