About Us - Buy RuneScape Gold was established in 2011 as part of our Online Trade Solution LTD business. We specialise in the delivery of RuneScape Gold for both RS3 and Old School RuneScape (OSRS).

Our mission statement as a company is to continue selling the cheapest RuneScape Gold, all whilst maintaining our lightening, yet discreet in-game delivery service standards. Furthermore, we are dedicated to providing a pristine 24/7 around the clock customer service to assist with pre and post-sales support.

This has proven to be a winning formula as we continue to attract new customers and retain our existing loyal customer database. Something that's evident in our independent reviews.

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Buy RuneScape Gold has long been the go-to website for any RuneScape player looking to buy cheap RS Gold for either RS3 or Old School RuneScape (OSRS). We are active across the many gaming forums, at the top of Google for paid and organic searches, visible on many botting websites, and also as sponsors of popular RuneScape YouTubers/Streamers.

Due to our economies of scale, Buy RuneScape Gold can no longer fulfil all our RS orders from the gold that we collect ourselves in-game. As a result, we buy OSRS Gold and RS3 Gold from our customers too. A good problem to have! This allows users who no longer wish to play the game or have surplus amounts of RuneScape GP to recuperate some of their money/time invested into the game and we're able to recycle that gold to players who wish to improve their own characters by buying essential equipment or skill levels.

With thanks to the amount of transactions we process daily, we're able to receive discounted payment processing fees from the likes of PayPal and Skrill who are familiar with our business model. Consequently, we pass these savings, along with the bulk pricing of us buying RSGP on large scales onto you, our loyal customers. We strictly believe that cheaper RuneScape coins may mean less profit-per-million for us, but the volume of transactions we turn over daily is greater for both ourselves and our customers. Therefore, we promise that we will never be beaten on the cost of Old School RuneScape Gold or RuneScape 3 Gold!

In addition to selling the cheapest RuneScape gold for sale on the market, we believe that the speed of delivery is just as important as the price. We know from personal experience that when you buy a new game or accessory, that you want it immediately. And so you should! Therefore, we guarantee ALL our RS3 GP and RuneScape 2007 Gold will be delivered within 2 minutes of receiving your order! Not only that, we provide the upmost of professionalism whilst delivering your RS money. This means that we take great care in-game to make the transaction of sending you the RuneScape cash as discreet and as unnoticeable as possible to avoid suspicion.

To make your process of buying cheap RuneScape Gold as easy as possible, we have installed a suite of handy tools. For example, we know that many of our customers are located across the globe, therefore, we have added a currency converter to the top of our website and a website translator at the bottom. If you would like further support whilst making your first purchase of RS GP, then at the bottom of each page will be information about what's expected to be accomplished on each page. If that's not easy enough, we have a 24/7 live chat customer support team who can help you throughout the buying process and also assist with the delivery of OSRS GP / RS 3 Gold!

In terms of checking out and website security, we pull no punches in saying that we are the best RuneScape gold selling website to securely buy from. We have Comodo's highest-bit rated SSL certificate that encrypts any data transferred between your PC and our website. This includes any web form submissions or payment processing details. Moreover, it's important to us that you feel comfortable in making your payment with a payment processor that you're familiar with and is easy to use. Thus, we employ both PayPal and Skrill as our trusted payment gateways that allow you to checkout securely as a guest and pay directly with your credit or debit card!

In conclusion, we are committed to bringing our customers the best shopping experience for buying RS Gold. As a result, we like to frequently reward our loyal customers with free RuneScape gold through the use of giveaways on our social media channels. So, be sure to follow and like us on Twitter and Facebook and join in to win free RS gold!

To date, we have sold over 2 Trillion RuneScape Gold to 10,000 unique customers across 145 different countries. 

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