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  • About Us
  • Welcome to Buy RuneScape Gold! We are known within the RuneScape community as the go-to website to buy RS Gold (GP) for both versions of RuneScape – RS3 and OSRS.

    Online Trade Solution LTD has specialised in the safe trade of RuneScape Gold since 2011 and we continue to grow as a company year on year. Our mission statement is to continue to sell RuneScape gold at the cheapest rates, whilst maintaining the quickest and most discreet in-game delivery service available. Not only that, we support all popular payment methods available worldwide and boast a 24/7 around the clock customer support team. They can help with real-time order updates, understanding of how to receive your RS money, or general questions about our website.

  • Instant Delivery of RuneScape Gold
  • Our sterling reputation at Buy RuneScape Gold is not only built upon being the cheapest website to buy RS gold from, but also being known for the fastest in-game delivery service of RSGP.

    We’re proud to say this because we have put all our experience into creating time-efficient model that allows us to deliver RS3 Gold and OSRS Gold within 2 minutes of your order being received!

    This is achieved by having multiple employees, based in the United Kingdom, on a rota-basis so that we never have a period of time whereby we’re offline and have orders outstanding. Furthermore, these employees are all connected to our live chat support system that automatically initiates a live chat conversation with you the very moment that we receive your RuneScape coins order. This, along with an email confirmation and push notification prompts them to check your order and immediately begin dialogue with you about arranging your in-game meeting point to then trade the RuneScape gold to your designated character.

  • Multinational Payment Methods & Security
  • Since Online Trade Solution LTD’s establishment in 2011, we have sold over 2 Trillion worth of RuneScape 3 in-game money and Old School RuneScape Gold combined. These have been sold to customers located in over 145 countries worldwide.

    Owing our success to our smartly crafted multilingual website, we have implemented two of the most globally recognised payment gateway options in PayPal and Skrill. They allow you to checkout as a guest (no account with them is necessary!) and pay directly with your credit/debit card or eWallet balance. In addition to this, they accept ALL currencies, so even if your currency isn’t available on our currency selector, we will be able to accept your payment!

    VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, AMEX, JCB and Diners cards are all accepted along with a host of other popular national payment options such as; iDeal, PaySafeCard, Trustly, Sofort, ELV, Carte Bleue, Giropay, Poli, Postepay and Neteller!

    As security is our upmost priority, the Buy RuneScape Gold website is encrypted by a 256-bit rated SSL certificate provided by Comodo. This enforces that all connections between our website and your computer cannot be intercepted or decrypted. Thus, ensuring that any information exchanged, such as payment details, stays strictly between you and the payment processor. Furthermore, no payment details are ever stored on our website which results in a 100% PCI compliant checkout experience.

    As we understand that many of our loyal customers are located around the world and speak many different languages, we have installed a Google translator option at the bottom of our website which will change the text content of our website to your chosen language!

    So, no matter your language, currency, preferred payment method or security hesitations, here at Buy RuneScape Gold we want to make your buying experience of RuneScape GP as easy as possible!

  • Buy Rare Items & Skill Levels with RSGP!
  • As avid RuneScape players ourselves, we understand the purpose of buying cheap RuneScape Gold and that’s usually to buy those daily items and resources to help you level skills faster such as combat gear, pickaxes, hatchets, potions, runes and arrows.

    However, if you’re more invested into the game and are reaching the end-game content, then there’s no better way of showing that than buying an owning a rare item such as a partyhat, santa hat, dyes, halloween masks, third-age items, or godbows/swords!

    Additionally, if you’re an experienced player, then having a lot of RS Gold can be your gateway to doubling or quadrupling your RS money stash! This can be achieved through flipping items on the grand exchange or staking via the duelling arena or wilderness.

    Typically, you need money to make money, and there’s no change in RuneScape 3 or Old School RuneScape!

  • Sell RuneScape Gold for RS3 & OSRS
  • In order to meet our large demand of RS 3 Gold and RuneScape 2007 Gold, we buy RS Gold from our customers too at fair prices. Payments are sent immediately after we receive the RS3 Gold or RS 07 Gold via PayPal or Skrill to your chosen payment account.

    If you wish to sell OSRS Gold or RS3 Gold, please visit our Sell RuneScape Gold page and input the quantity of RuneScape gold for sale. Our website will instantly give you a price we can pay for that amount of RS Gold. If you’re happy with the price, you will be asked to input your name, email address and payment information before an email is sent to us and a live chat conversation being automatically initiated. The live chat agent will receive your sell RS gold request and begin the process of meeting you in-game to trade the unwanted/surplus amount of RSGP over. As soon as the transaction is complete, the agent will disburse the agreed funds to your PayPal/Skrill account.

    Selling RuneScape Gold should be an easy and hassle-free process and as a result, we will also pay the payment processing fee for you to receive the money when you choose to sell RS3 gold or OSRS GP to us!

  • RuneScape Gold Swap Service
  • If you’re an Old School RuneScape player and wish to try the newer, more continuously updated RuneScape 3 version of the game, then swapping RuneScape gold from one version of the game to the other could be a cheaper option than choosing to sell RS gold and then buy RS gold back on the version of the game that you now wish to play.

    As a result, we swap RS3 to OSRS Gold and also OSRS to RS3 Gold! To see how much Gold RS you can receive for your version of RuneScape, visit our Swap RuneScape Gold page and input the amount of RuneScape GP you wish to trade. Our system will instantly provide you with how much RS3 GP / OSRS Money we can trade you for that amount.

    RS Gold swap has never been easier. As soon as we receive your request of swapping RuneScape gold, our live chat system automatically connects us to initiate a conversation about meeting in-game to trade the RS currency over!

    Choosing to buy OSRS gold or to buy RS3 gold may not always be the most cash efficient thing to do, so be sure to visit our RuneScape Gold Swap page first before selling RuneScape gold!